An Open Letter to Capital Games

Dear CG,

I have to say, I'm thoroughly disappointed in you. After grinding for literal months as a dedicated FTP, waiting patiently for Darth Revan and Malak to return, you had the audacity to bring one back without the other. Why... why...WHY!?! YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE... YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BRING BALANCE TO THE META, NOT LEAVE US IN DARKNESS!!! I understand that there are going to be folks that get left behind while the meta moves on, but did you ever stop to consider the number of players that are going to slip deeper out of contention by running one event without the other? I just needed to get this off my chest as a prepare to wait another 6 months to even unlock Malak, let alone star him up. At least that gives me time to build up my currencies for spending on a character that will probably not be useful as the meta shifts again.

This is written with the upmost sarcasm, and insincerity. I thoroughly enjoy playing the game and plan to continue doing so for a good long time, the force willing.

May the Force be with You All,
A minorly disgruntled FTP


  • Maybe you should question your farming strategy because it seems that there are many FTP that got DR when he returned last June and that geared him in time for Malak’s return.

    Also don’t be too worried. Many new Malak owners are stuck with a five stars characters for quite a while...
  • Gotta love all these replies that give no new information while belittling the concerns / feedback of fellow players. Suggest a strategy, you are not in competition with the friendly forum writer and if you were, let’s just say your social awareness needs work. My feedback, the game is getting more complicated and I cannot recruit gamers to play it because of it. A good game, no longer the fun it was.
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