Geo war ship deployment

After 4/4 on the fleet battle that requires the chimaera n the vulture droid, I deployed the rest of my fleet into the spot designated "core ship yards". I was then able to enter the combat mission that requires the executrix. I'm I missing something obvious? Thx


  • My understanding is that deployed units can still be used in combat missions (dont know about special) provided that they were deployed in the same area as the mission itself, obviously this is always the case with ships
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  • If you deploy units in a zone, then you can continue to use whatever units you deployed in that zone only.
  • Thx all! This can be done then
  • Works the same for toons as well.

    One of my guild deployed all toons but had missed a combat mission. Luckily it was in the same zone as where he’d deployed, so he could still hit the mission.

    If the missed combat had been in the other zone, he would not have been able to hit it.
  • It's only when you deploy a character or ship in a platoon that they will be locked out of combat missions in that territory.
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