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  • Guild Name: EwokTribble Alliance
  • Number of members required: 1
  • Guild GP: 136 Million
  • Guild reset time: 23:30 UTC
  • Raids: Heroic Rancor, HAAT, and Sith Triumvirate on farm.
  • Geo DS Territory Battle results: 12 stars (last time we had 140 million GP).
  • Geo LS Territory Battle results: 7 stars (last time we had 140 million GP)
  • Territory War results: We win the vast majority of our match ups.
  • Minimum Activity: Will be removed after 7 days of inactivity if the guild is full and you haven't let us know about your absence.

Hi guys.
We are an active but casual guild that are looking for new members.
We have no requirements beyond staying active. We will not dictate who you have to farm, but can provide team suggestions if you want them.
We will not force you to spend crystals in order to earn your 600 tickets per day. Currently we earn around 20k tickets per day.
We use the in-game chat for communication with one another. Being a casual guild we didn't want to have to rely on Discord or Line. The chat is filled with light conversation with humour and fun; talk of strategy; and the occasional rant/vent about some difficult aspect of the game ;) It is highly desirable that new members chat with us on that.
The Rancor pit raid alternates monthly between simmed and manual.
PM me with your questions, or your ally code if you're interested in joining and I can invite you in. Or you can contact me in-game; my ally code is 753-921-114. The guild is open to join, so if you manage to find us in the in-game guild search, you can just join from there too.
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