Simultaneous Platoon fill bug still exists...

I just experienced the old classic platoon bug.

I tapped on a few toons in one of the middle platoons on p4 and hit “Assign”, only to be told that one or more units had been deployed by a guild mate. Turns out one of the others had deployed Bossk at exactly the same time as me.

Here’s the thing, when I went to the other ground zone platoons, my Bossk was showing up as already deployed. When I went back to middle, there was still one Bossk slot to fill, and Bossk was showing up as not yet deployed.

No harm this time round, but if my mate had filled the last Bossk slot, I’d be unable to use my Bossk in combat for no good reason. (Which would mean I’d have to find another team to send in to get slaughtered in combat!)
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