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No idea where to post this or if someone else has already done something like this, but I spent like 4 hours doing something that I probably shouldn't have, so I figured I may as well post it.

I made an excel spreadsheet of all the farmable characters (excluding legendaries and raid characters) and where their farm locations are. Obviously, Shaak Ti and Vulture Droid are not yet farmable so I was not able to include them, and for some of the ships, it is very unclear as to where they can be farmed from.

It will be fairly difficult to understand, so I have attached a key to the spreadsheets (look at the bottom of excel to switch between the different sheets). Characters which are required for legendaries have been highlighted in certain colours, and characters that are only available from one location have been clearly identified.

I really hope this actually gets used cause otherwise I just wasted my afternoon, even though I know I wasted it anyway.


  • Nice. Maybe see if you can get this pinned in the guides section in the new players index.
    @Fauztin what do you reckon?
  • Fauztin
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    Not sure if it merits an announcement / sticky, but this is cool and definitely holds a place here.
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