Removed from guild after beating Wat SM

First time running Geo’s TB with this guild, I beat both p1 and p2 SM’s. Then right after I beat the Wat SM I was removed from the guild and the third party chat server preventing any communication. This now prevents me from having Wat unlocked to use in the upcoming GAC and also the end of TB rewards which are the most valuable in the game currently. This interferes and disrupts my ability to participate in EA’s game content, and significantly disturbs the fair and respectful gaming environment. Please respond EA


  • @EA_MindTricks please respond 👆
  • TVF
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    Neither CG nor EA manages guilds.
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  • TVF wrote: »
    Neither CG nor EA manages guilds.

    This. There's nothing anyone can do about it. It's rubbish that it happened to you, but you won't see those rewards I don't think.
  • TVF
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    It might be rubbish. Depends why they did it.
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  • Damodamo
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    Name and shame the guild?
  • My guess would be your guild kicked you for not meeting requirements like raid tickets, or for not following orders in TB like doing special missions when they told everyone to focus on regular missions.
  • Based on your account of what happened, it sounds like you were screwed over by a total **** move. On the other hand, I don't know why a guild would boot you in the middle of a TB for no reason. In any event, I don't think there is anything that EA can/will do about the situation.
  • @RedTwo I am highly doubtful you’d have had Wat unlocked after this TB. 80 shards already?

    Were you repeatedly short on tickets? Hitting raids early? Those are the top 2 reasons people get removed from guilds.
  • @RedTwo I am highly doubtful you’d have had Wat unlocked after this TB. 80 shards already?
    There are guilds that unlocked Wat last TB. That claim is not that hard to believe.
  • Lovimgsaskia1
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    Someone else I know has just unlocked Wat so it is possible, it's also possible they had already decided to remove, but decided to wait until after wat event for that very reason.
  • Having looked at his profile I retract my doubt. He may well have unlocked!
  • Kicking someone during a TB is a garbage move unless that person is purposefully breaking rules/commands. Even then, I'd be hard pressed.
  • Yeah, unless they have crossed a line, maybe arguing in discord or being disruptive, I would generally not remove until after tb.
  • Sounds like you're leaving out details. It's pretty rare for a guild to kick someone in the middle of a TB unless they do something pretty egregious....particularly since they can't replace you during the TB so they are losing out on points in P3 and P4.
  • Or perhaps something happened on discord. The op desided to act all big and almighty and started insult talking his guild.. probably warned multiple times.. finally getting another wat shard he thought to continue doing the talk only to find the guild leaders have had enough. Poof kicked

    That's my theory. People at the top can be very useful but if they talk to much the needs of the many people annoyed outweighs the need of the one person who gets pleasure from doing bad stuff.

    Just reading his post has painted this picture in my head.
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