Best 5th for JKR

I'm starting to gear up my padme team, and now that I'll be moving Kenobi I can't seem to pick a 5th for JKR. I think I prefer old Ben with either my cls team or my wings team. I also kinda prefer a tank, who would you guys recommend.
Here's my


  • I’ve seen Hyoda work well. And I’ve been obliterated by zBarriss in there before.

    ...neither of which you have. I’ve seen Ezra do ok before. Depends if you want to use them for arena or not though.
  • Short term (out of what you have geared), I agree that Ezra is the best interim choice, longer term, hermit Yoda, Plo Koon, Thrawn or Juhani are all also viable 5ths for offense, but as above, don’t expect them to hold position particularly well on defense if you use them in arena.
  • CCyrilS
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    For the future, I would work on 3p0, then you can leave gmy on your jkr team.
  • Ya for arena they can keep GK, its more for GAC. and i still want the JKR squad to lock down a side of the field. My only issue with Hyoda is he can be great offensively, but he makes them an easy mirror match win. Short term I definitely will pop Ezra with them as Hyoda is a ways away. I was thinking Juhani but she goes well with the Old republic DoT squad. Would Plo Koon or Barriss be a better 5th?
    I'm gonna miss the DR event this time, but I'm still gonna finish the farm and then 3po is likely the next legendary I'll be working on
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    You're right about hoda, better on offense.

    I use padme on offense, so she gets gk and 3p0. I set jkr on Defense with zBarris. It's a match i expect to lose, but I'm fine with it knowing that i forced them to use their maxed jkr squad, most likely.
  • I think GK and GMY are more important to Jkr.

    Padme I think CWC, Barris, or hopefully new characters will be best.
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    thedrjojo wrote: »
    I think GK and GMY are more important to Jkr.

    Padme I think CWC, Barris, or hopefully new characters will be best.

    Padme needs gk. He also boosts ahsoka's damage, on top of being an amazing tank.
  • Best 5th = Jawa Scavenger! See if that Bossk synergy is on other toons!
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    Hyoda. Ezra. Thrawn, KRU
  • Thanks for the input guys, defintely will push Hyoda, almost have him unlocked. But for now, once I get my team ready for Padme, using ezra seems like the move.
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