To anyone beating all G13 Revan/Malak teams with GG any advice current video not working (setup)

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G13 ZZT3
ZIPD (purple)
IG88 (purple)
ZHK G12+5
L3 G12+3 I think
G12 ZBB8

Current video strat on the toobs aint working against the G13 God Malak teams
Does anyone have a proper team, speed/turn order, strategy that actually allows this to work against the GOD teams my T3 rolling over 100k protection but still not enough.

my GG can get over 100 crit chance with crit chance mod instead of CD, or i can drop it to like 75-80% crit if I use the crit damage health mod instead.

nothing working against the GOD teams so any help with Turn order and speeds that's been working for any of YOU would be amazing help.

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  • The best team I've found personally is HK lead, GG, BB8, L3 and T3. With T3 all that matters is crit chance. Health is important too so you want 6 dot health mods on cross, triangle, cross and circle. It helps if you go up against all sith empire teams because they stack the debuffs on thenselves for Max crit damage. Start with skittering hoard (GG third special) on Malak or Badstilla if possible. Then AOE with GG and hope for the best. Ideally you want 10-15 stacks of ferocity on each Sith Empire enemy for Max damage. Watch out for corrupted battle meditation, though if you can get your CC that high, then you're good.
  • IG88 L, zGGg13, zIPD, zbb8, zT3M4.

    You aren't killing things prob cause u don't have enough crit chance. Sacrifice some but not all health on GG for Crit chance.

    Turn order is BB8, IPD, IG88, T3M4, GG.

    Kill BSF with crawl, then Crawl to kill Malak if there's enough debuffs. If not, you can do AOE to kill everyone else. Malak won't heal if u have IG88 zeta. U can also use IPD to blow up left over Malak if Malak is at half health. GG also has heal block on basic.

    Crit chance on GG is usually the reason why it's not working.
  • I personally use IG lead with ipd, t3, bb8 and GG.

    Got ipd zeta'd and this is important to my strat.
    My turn order is as follows:
    1/ bb8
    2/ ipd
    3/ ig
    4/ t3
    5/ gg (with cc triangle, 114hp)
    The very important thing that is often neglected is that ig88 MUST have a lot (80% ideally) of CC and the most possible potency. (Mine has 80 something being g11).
    Of course, potency must be high on ipd and t3 also, you want those debuffs to stick and specifically target locks.

    For the kill order, it depends a lot on who you're facing but against the usual drevan malak marauder/SiT hk dbast, go for a skittering horror on bast first, it should land something like 150k dmg and kill her. When the siths have played, either your bb8 or ig should be dead, go for malak (still with skittering horror) for a 220k dmg shot. Once that's done, clean up with an aoe.

    Things get complicated against a GBA g13 with speed higher than malak. Then I suggest you go for him before bastila and hope your gg lands a crit on the next attack (on malak or bastila). Otherwise gba will clean up the debuffs after you kill bastila and you'll get yourself stuck behind the brute. Your aoe won't deal enough dmg to kill malak and gba.

    Hope this helps!
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    Go watch db official's video on that. Its called why ahnald is wrong. I use his setup but with HK lead instead ig88.
  • This guy goes into all the proper details including turn order, kill order, stat benchmarks, and what can mess you up.

    He even goes into detail about what may go wrong.

    Only thing to say about it is that with a Zeta IPD you want IPD to go right after bb8. This video is for a non-zeta IPD but the turn order is the only thing that's different. Everything else is the same.

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