Closing down Grand Arena Championships 8/19

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Closing down Grand Arena Championships 8/19

Hello Holotable Heroes,

We have decided to bring the current Grand Arena Championship to an early end due to issues around:
  • Some feats completion pointing to the incorrect conditions
  • Login Issues preventing access or kicking players
  • New scoring issue where some players are reporting early points

While login issues seem to be resolved, we’d like to make sure there are no players left out of the sign up for this Championship. We plan to re-start the Grand Arena Championship in the very near future (likely this week) and will share the updated schedule as soon as we’ve decided the best timing.

We will be sending players 150 Crystals and 250 Championship Tokens for the inconvenience of rescheduling the Championship. Our apologies for these issues and we’re excited to re-start the Championship in a few days.

See you on the Holotables
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