Sith Trooper and um.... Sith Trooper.



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    If he comes, I imagine they might name him “first order Sith trooper.” Just like they have “first order stormtrooper.”

    But I’m all honesty, I think it’s rather funny they are introducing Sith troopers in the new movie when Kyle Ren himself isn’t even considered a Sith yet.

    It should be a pretty good hint that the Sith are back.

    I think it ALSO means we could get a Sith tag on a capital ship from EP9, which would make my Sith Fleet happy!

    Are the Sith ever really gone?
  • Beaks
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    Actually a good point. Current Sith Trooper got a lot of heat due to his look.
    The explanation I got was they were imperial troopers “using” the Sith name, not full blown Sith Troopers. ( whatever that means )

    But been reading up on Rith Trooper ( I’m just gonna call Red Sith Troopers Rith Trooper for short ) and they are suppose to be 100% loyal to the Sith Lord.

    Kylo is not a Sith Lord unless that changes in EP9. Leaves Snoke/Emperor ( could be the same as far as we know ) as the Sith Lord yet.
    If the emperor uses Rith Troopers as say his body guards due to being force sensitive, does that mean Kylo will finally assemble his Knights of Ren as body guards?
  • Pariah_Anchorite
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    Rith reminds me of Infinity Blade 2 (I think it was Ryth, tho)

    The full in-game name for these guys will be First Order Special Forces Force Sensitive Counter-Terrorist pom-pom social Commando Troopers, from Japan
  • Beaks
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    Think I’m just gonna call them Rith.
    Short, simple, sweet!
  • SemiGod
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    Look at the number of Hans we have.

    I rest my case.
  • Beaks
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    Very True.
    However the Rith is a brand new type of Trooper. Can’t compare them to others.
    No Troopers are Force Sensitive.

  • kalidor
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    There's five Han Solos in the game, I'm sure they'll figure something out for the new trooper without too much trouble.
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  • Kilo_Ren
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    What about the OG sith troopers? qv803i5re8ix.png

    Theory is that Kylo found the Sith Troopers that Revan froze in carbonite. Some suggest this is a sign of KOTOR movies coming and a way for them to tie the past to the future. At first I didn't like the so called introduction of Sith Troopers, but if it means Revan and the KOTOR era timeline becomes canon then good. But, this is Disney and JJ Abrams and I could totally see them missing this opportunity.
  • @Kilo_Ren
    Think it was season 2 of clone wars when Emperor wanted spies in every corner of the galaxy, could those spies be Sith Troopers?

    Personally think the emperor or Kylo found the star forage. How else could the emperor amass such ships without no notice.

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