Update on Jawa Scavenger Changes

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Back on July 18th we made a post about the interaction Jawas were having with Geonosians and informed you that we planned to turn the bug into the intent and change the description to match. At the time, we felt this interaction provided the Jawas squad some interesting utility and did not significantly impact the balance of the current meta.

On August 12th we investigated several reports of a Bossk-lead Jawa team and informed you that we may make changes based on the feedback we received and what we observed in the live game. The combination of Jawa and non-Jawa units allows some players to easily beat fairly strong teams with a much weaker squad. Due to this, we are reversing our initial decision to not alter the ability in question. The Jawa Scavenger’s Unique Ability (Line in the Sand) is changing so that it only triggers on damage from attacks.

"At the end of each turn, Jawa Scavenger has a 50% chance to inflict a Thermal Detonator on all enemies that used an ability that turn for each time a Jawa ally was attacked that turn.

Whenever Jawa Scavenger scores a critical hit, he gains Stealth for 3 turns."

“At the end of each turn, if a Jawa ally was damaged by an attack that turn, Jawa Scavenger has an 80% chance to inflict 2 Thermal Detonators for 2 turns on each enemy that used an ability during that turn. This effect occurs for each time a Jawa ally was damaged by an attack that turn.

Whenever Jawa Scavenger scores a critical hit, he gains Stealth for 3 turns.”

The change you’ll most notice is in a Bossk-led Jawa team against a full Geonosian squad. When Poggle is called to assist he checks all enemies to see if they were debuffed. Checks of this nature are seen as attacks, which would previously trigger Scavenger's Line in the Sand ability and stack more thermal detonators than intended. Because this isn’t really an attack (but the game doesn’t differentiate at this time), we can’t easily exclude it from Line in the Sand.

This change ensures that enemies using abilities that are not really attacks do not trigger the Line in the Sand. Unfortunately, this also prevents some non-damaging abilities that actually are attacks from triggering Line in the Sand. We are compensating for this by increasing the chance to apply Thermal Detonators from 50% to 80% and doubling the number that can apply from 1 to 2. After weighing the options, we believe this to be the best choice for the game at this time.
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