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So I just got 5* Thrawn and was wondering what to use him with. I'm thinking all empire obviously, but I don't have Emperor, Shoretrooper, Krennic or probe droid yet. Leaning towards Vader Tarkin TFP, not sure about the fifth. Death Trooper maybe? Or is there a non-empire that works here?


  • The magic of Thrawn is that he goes on any team. So just put him on whatever your best team is.
  • You can place him in a lot of teams. He is very useful due to his 2nd and 3d ability. So you can try different interactions with your teams
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  • Post your GG link and people can take a look and offer solid suggestions.
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    Thrawn is probably the best plug and play character in the game. You can likely just slot him in whatever squad you're currently running and see instant results.

    He's got great utility due to fracture and his cleanse/TM swap/protection recovery special.
  • GG link? I'm guessing by the context it let's you see my roster but how do I do that?
  • Ok, think I got this,
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    Every team
  • Right, I get that he's awesome, but I'm trying to stick to an empire theme. With what I have, thrawn vader tarkin, who is a good fifth? I'll be getting the emperor next time he comes around, but until then, who should round out that specific team?
  • Tie fighter pilot is not bad and has a decent ship.
  • Palpatine, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, & TFP make for a very good and fast team. The best part is they all unlock easily and you only need Phoenix to get Palpatine and Thrawn. The rest are easy farms. Vader in fleet store, Tarkin in arena store. TFP is in a cantina node.
  • I'll have Palpatine next time he comes around, but what I originally asked us who to use instead of him that has the empire tag. Guess I'll just quietly gear these guys and wait for palps.
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