Fleet Combat Missions

Ok so obviously the most successful fleet so far is Chimera with hounds tooth.

What is a good fleet makeup for Tarkin and the Executrix? I've tried the Geonosians and the other bounty hunters and they start out doing ok but usually end up getting smashed.

Any thoughts?


  • I'm looking to answer the same question. One guy in our guild just put in HT + scrubs for the thrawn mission and hit auto. Scrubs die off, HT tanks the whole time and thrawn ends up clearing the enemy eventually with his ultimates.

    Not sure if that was luck or if it's repeatable. I was too chicken to try it and potentially lose points.

    If it works, it opens up the whole rest of the roster for the trixie mission. At this point I'm thinking survival until the tie storm is the goal, so maybe utilizing b28 as the tank and bringing in palps as the first reinforcement might be a plan.

    Just trying to throw some ideas out there
  • Now I think about it. Maybe starting with the Geos and gauntlet as first ri might be a better plan
  • Wow I found the unicorn and got Mace for both fleet missions in the second section.
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