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So, I'm 10 days into game and obviously farming Phoenix now.
But what's next?
I see that top of my shard's arena are running Bastila+jedi team, and I've just unlocked her node. So is it a good idea to start with her right away, atleast 5 times a day?

Then what about darkside team? I also see that nightsisters team is strong, but I won't be able to get Talzin for long time. Would Thrawn/Emperor/Vader/Tarkin/TIE Pilot work into the late game? And who I should use instead of Thrawn and Emperor while I don't have them(can't get Thrawn this week)?

And what about ships? I read that one should focus on E8 Kylo and his ship in cantina... but I don't think I'll have 7 stars Hera and Ezra when I reach level 60. What should I have prepared for fleet battles unlock?


  • Finish the Phoenix farm. Nightsisters are a good long term goal. Empire is particularly useful later in game as a counter to a bunch of teams in TW/GAC/TB.

    Do not underestimate First Order. They are a really solid team later game as well.

    Also, to make yourself attractive to a guild you may want to think about farming for JKR early.

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  • I would definitely farm Bastila along with the other Revan toons (Jolee, Zaalbar, Mission and T3-M4). IMO, that's the better "after Phoenix" team to go after than the traditional Empire. Though if you do want to go Empire, it's possible to do both at the same time.

    For a darkside team, NS are great, but not a practical next step simply because they need Talzin and Zombie to be viable and they are the longest farms with nodes that unlock later in the game. Once you finish Chopper, Boba is the next character you'll want to farm from the Cantina Store and he can plug well into pretty much any early game DS team you want. As I said above, you can put together a strong Empire (+Boba) team for DS nodes while farming the Revan toons. EP and Thrawn you'll get with Phonenix. Vader will come from achievements, and Tarkin is a great Squad Arena Store character to farm after you've finished Kanan. I would hold off on Tie Pilot until after you've finished Hera, Ezra, T3, and Mission. He won't bring much more than Boba will to an Empire/DS team, and you can still use his ship at whatever star level you get him at for free.

    Ships are a little tricky, but I would focus on the DS ships (and Biggs) so you can farm zetas as early as possible. Klyo Unmasked and his ship are a great node and fit into the DS ships focus. You could definitely justify farming him and his ship after Ezra/Hera are done and waiting on Mission/T3 a bit (even if you only go to 6* on KRU/Silencer). Cantina nodes are definitely where you want to be spending your early game crystal income. Buy all 3 of the 100 crystal cantina energy refreshes every day because you'll want to get those 5 nodes finished as quick as possible.
  • Phoenix is the initial obvious plan and as long as you don't get them all 7 stars. Going after the JKR Dos toons will give you a boost in the arena, as Bastilla can match the phoenix you have to farm into a more efficient arena jedi team.

    Your other priorities are:
    1) Find a good guild (use facebook, there are several fun guilds willing to recruit novice players)
    2) Use the allies to pass the dark side 775 338 965 knot tractor. If you need a specific ally just ask your contact to use him only in one battle and he will be available to you every hour and a half. (My Assaj must pass the tractor quietly you get 3 stars
    3) Invest heavily in ships, and as soon as possible go after Bossk and Jango plus Bossk's ship.
    4) Once you get level 60, use all ship coins to get the geonosians and their ships. After the first day at level 60 your simulation tickets are virtually endless.
  • So this would be my early game roadmap for each store/area:

    Cantina Nodes: Hera>Ezra>KRU>T3>Mission
    LS/DS Nodes:Sabine/Bastila/Jolee/Zaalbar (you should be able to farm 4 at a time, I think)
    Cantina Store: Chopper>Boba Fett
    Guild Store: Dengar (he doesn't fit anywhere into the above guideline, but he's a scoundrel, BH, and a long farm so get him early)
    Squad Arena Store: Kanan>Tarkin>Greedo/IG88/STHan
    GW Store: Zeb>Biggs>Ships (ITF, Biggs)
    Fleet Store: Ships (Vader, Boba)

    And only use your crystals on the 3 cantina energy refreshes that cost 100 crystals. If you spend or have higher arena finishes that allow for more, then maybe refresh your regular energy a few times as well.

    Other farmable characters to get early would be Luminara (you'll need a 5th jedi for GMY and GW store is an easy farm that doesn't interfere with anything too important). If you're in a guild that does HAAT then you can skip this because General Kenobi will be better, but you might want Luminara anyway just because she's so easy to take to 7* and GK is a long farm.

    Jedi (for GMY): Kanan/Ezra/Jolee/Bastila/Luminara (or GK).
    Scoundrels (for credit/droid heists): Boba Fett/Mission/Zaalbar/Dengar/Greedo (or IG88/STHan)
    Arena: Phoenix followed by Jedi Revan (w/Jolee, Bastila, GK and GMY)
    LS team: Phoenix>Revan Jedi
    DS team: EP/Tarkin/Vader/Thrawn/Boba Fett
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