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Am i the only one that has a pretty frequent amount of disconnects from the game or it takes a significant time loading only to result in a time out? Used to happen once every couple of days and now it happens several times a day. While just buying stuff or switching screens it's not so bad but when it happens as it loads a fight for TW, TB or GAC you end up with the loss and it's pretty annoying.

I'm sure a common response here would be get better internet, but I'm sitting on a Gig of internet speed here and if that's not enough then that's a bit silly.

Anyone else? If so has CG addressed this? Plan to address it? If it's just me then ****. Maybe I need to switch from an iOs based phone, but that should be a decent chunk of player base.



  • Same issue for me, I'm on Android
  • MntMan
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    Last week or so has been brutal. I've got the spinning circle of death as we speak right now again. Had one as I was typing the OP.
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    Happening to me right now. Android (S10). WiFi or 4G signal. Wont connect.

    Edit - my iPad connects to the game just fine over WiFi but it takes a little while to connect.
  • Been having annoying lags/server connection issue right now too on ipad. restarted, still happening, my internet and wifi working fine everything else
  • Yeah i've had a LOT of that kind of issue over the last week, constant hangs or "connection issue" messages when I have full 4G/Wifi and other apps on my phone (android) are loading things fine
  • Yep. Same here. It had been a while since it had last happened to me. Always would happen every TW at least once or twice. But ever since I tried the force close after every battle it seemed to stop happening. And now today I’ve already had two crashes. One when battling GW (not TW luckily), and one while remodding a toon after I zeta’d one.
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  • Mine has definitely been running slower the last couple of weeks. I've had to restart the game a couple of times to get it to load. Wifi and 4G with full service. Just the game is slow.
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  • Same, thought it was just me, aparently not.
  • I have to agree with the sentiment expressed here, today has been laggy and crashed out once while navigating around screens. It's acting like it did before they fixed their servers a few weeks back. Iphone here.
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    Had this come up for the past few hours. Missed bonus energy and all that stuff. Feelsbadman
  • 2 arena and 1 fleet got a disconnect after winning, message said "lost connection to server, battle is a draw" (not exact but close enough)
  • Yes similiar issues here, Android user. Game is logging me out most days now whereas before it would do this rarely. Hate the spinning screen of death, and the end of ship battles where I have destroyed my opponent and after couple of minutes get the dreaded lost connection message so battle has resulted in a draw
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    On topic, no, I very rarely have any issues logging in unless there is a major outage. GS8+, mostly connected through WiFi.
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