Relic Amplifiers, The Gear System & Our Next Update [MEGA]


  • Vicarious wrote: »
    Sound like that’s the case to me.

    CG can’t just give anything to their players/customers.....

    Have to spend the $50+ on just the g12 finisher, not to mention all the other gear $$$$, then the $50-$75 or who knows how much for the Relic.

    Have to milk their players you know....

    Well, I thought they said it would make use of hoarded up gear, so my guess is it will take a lot of old gear and and enough new gear to need to play all areas of the game to make it work. We’re spread thinner by even needing to farm the lowliest of nodes
  • I'm starting to think you guys deliberately made the g13 vignette look garish and tacky so we'd be more motivated to chase these relics and get rid of the eyesore. Red, orange, yellow, plus purple and light blue when the toon is zetaed, with a magenta-colored upgrade notification slapped on top. Reminds me of sweaters back in the '70s.
  • It's a pity, because relics are only unlocked starting with Gear 13 and are limited to 1 character, it's really only for high-end people. If you could unlock at least a few Relic bonuses earlier without Gear 13, then everyone would benefit and interesting new combinations could emerge, but it's actually only one thing that comes on top, but doesn't make the game more variable.
  • Richie7771 wrote: »
    Yeah great, cool, sweet, looks fun...... Now put mk 5 stun guns in the god **** Mace windu TAC challenge!!!!

    Nearly 4 years in and they are still a huge bottleneck

    That is all

    The Savage Challenge is also worthless.... the only item I can think of that is worth anything in those 3 challenges is the Tarkin challenge drops carbantis aside from that it is all turds
  • No_Try
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    It makes me think they made the G13 design look so much garbage so that we have to move past it to reach this -feel good- maxed design xD
  • So, are relics going to be customizable? Kinda like a hybrid between gear and mods? If so that’d be interesting to see how they work. If not, then I guess it’s just G13 pieces.
  • Devian
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    Does 'up-gradable' relics mean 'red star'gear pieces? ^^
  • Yashualay
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    What a missed chance this is. If you could give the relics to any character, and if they belonged to one of the three beliefs, you could vary that much.
    For example, "Old Ben"-lightsaber could give certain bonuses & mali to any character on the Light Side, have other traits in the hands of a dark character, and only if it's led by Old Ben, it only has positive traits.

    Too bad, too bad, too bad - totally designed past the game, in my opinion.
  • Looking at the 0 (zero) scares me. Pls tell me these "Relics" DON'T have to be "recharged".r70biq4zyxvj.png
  • NoblePyro wrote: »
    Looking at the 0 (zero) scares me. Pls tell me these "Relics" DON'T have to be "recharged".r70biq4zyxvj.png

    Ha! Probably not. If I had to guess it looks like how charged it is. Green being the highest. So it will probably work just like gear tiers we have now.
    Red will be the lower gear
    Orange/yellow - mid gear
    Green/green - higher gear

    What gear and how much of it - who knows. But just by the pic it looks like there are 4 tiers to it. Obviously the 4th tier will maximize the weapon or item. Sooo like a mix between gear tiers and abilities.
  • ^^ That I can live with ;)
  • botabu wrote: »
    So much for that “sense of pride and accomplishment” for actually finishing a character. This is getting a bit ridiculous, and prohibitively expensive to continue. The pay wall that is kryo-tech is already so over-the-top ridiculous, that when you actually finish a character gear 13 you feel like you just ran a marathon. Now you are not done? Unreal. I think I would respect you better and actually feel better about it if you just said what it is, a way for you to increase revenue.

    You are never "done", that's kinda the point of a game like this, isn't it? All about acquisition and resource management to better acquire...

  • Or maybe you have to give gear to the item. The more gear, the more it fills. Once you fill up to green, it raises 1 level.
  • Yashualay
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    Dk_rek wrote: »
    All for newstuff no matter what it is...
    ...thoughts ?

    I'd like it if the Relic levels replaced 1 gear level (e.g. level 1=G11 / level2=G12 / level3=G13) instead of just being a G14.

    For example, if I could increase the level of the relic to create a certain event instead of increasing the gear as a replacement to create the event, that would be great, too.

    But as G14, the Relics feature is just for the tops.

  • What else is so extremely frustrating, and has been for quite some time, is they present all of these “new“ things but never give us a definitive date when things are coming. I know they do it for a reason, to generate more panic farming, etc. but for example the clone reworks....... seems they are 100% done and ready, why not just say they are coming August 27th.
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