Relic Amplifiers, The Gear System & Our Next Update [MEGA]


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    Mousie wrote: »
    Only usable after g13. Call relics what they. Its a g14 immediately released months after g13. Calling it a relic doesnt change anything. This just confirmed the road ahead was nothing but a wolf in sheeps clothing

    But but, there are new graphics attached to it, it must be something completely new and unthought of before xD
  • I'm soooooo confused!
    Thank you for whatever it is we are getting or something like that 4m4ly8uoheca.jpg
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    I need a new message here.
  • Rezalder wrote: »
    So for those of us that have spent literally thousands getting to where we’re’re going to make it easier for everyone to catch up and start us on a new track?

    Makes more competition. Which is never a bad thing. Plus there’s no way everyone is gonna he stacked with Darth Revan and Malak week 2

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    Toben wrote: »
    I sure hope they've got enough PvE content planned to justify all these new progression systems for our characters.

    You'll be able to solo hstr...maybe, isn't that enough?
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    Looking at the 0 (zero) scares me. Pls tell me these "Relics" DON'T have to be "recharged".r70biq4zyxvj.png

    Ha! Probably not. If I had to guess it looks like how charged it is. Green being the highest. So it will probably work just like gear tiers we have now.
    Red will be the lower gear
    Orange/yellow - mid gear
    Green/green - higher gear

    What gear and how much of it - who knows. But just by the pic it looks like there are 4 tiers to it. Obviously the 4th tier will maximize the weapon or item. Sooo like a mix between gear tiers and abilities.

    and you have a probability of breaking the relic,unless you buy the 100 dollar item that will make the recharge safe to 100%
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    DarthJango wrote: »
    I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

    can't wait to see the "unique iconic item" for coruscant underworld police and ugnaught and ewok scout
  • Hopefully the way they are adding easier ways to get gear is by adding more levels to the Light/Dark Side,Cantina and Mod Challenge nodes and then adding the gear drops to them, possibly on a good drop rate.
  • Please don't have Thrawn's Iconic Item be his pistol (it's not at all).
  • Gorem wrote: »
    So G13 toons are going to get even stronger? G13 just came out, lol. Only have 2...

    Oh man these people don't care about anything else besides money.

    Yup. Frustration based spending is what this game is built on. They're getting a lot of frustration spending in response to g13... and now they want the iconic items.
  • NoblePyro wrote: »
    Looking at the 0 (zero) scares me. Pls tell me these "Relics" DON'T have to be "recharged".r70biq4zyxvj.png

    Definitely they will cost 20,000 Crystal's to unlock then just 200 crystals per battle for the relic to be "activated" in combat.
  • Nice!! More gear grinding for the same boring content! I wish we had other things to do to make us want to enjoy another paywall centric "content"..... This is honestly disappointing the UI change looks nice but that isnt encouraging people to spend more....
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    I'm just hoping that the way the relic is leveled is by dumping any and all gear pieces/salvage into it for "points" until you reach whatever threshold needed. Would be nice to farm whatever we want and not have to worry about drop rates or specific pieces. But they could certainly assign more "points" to higher end gear pieces/salvage.
  • Too soon, pump those brakes.

    I would love to farm new teams rather than rehashing the same teams over and over to stay relevant. Can we have some new content before you.milk us again? GAC is neat if you ever get it off the ground and Geo TB is recycled hoth TB harder.
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    I'm really disappointed in ya'll.

    4 pages of comments and not ONE of you asked how teh heck they showed us a g13 Thrawn with **awful** mods?!? LOLOL
  • Dk_rek wrote: »
    All for newstuff no matter what it is...

    My only concern is how do they keep to their goal of less than 5% blowouts. At this time we have people who can literally place a whole team on defense and automatically win their GAC match.

    If the item is as powerful as they are making it seem like you now have a situation where possibly ONE TOON could possibly defend a whole area in GAC (extreme example but you know what I mean)

    G13 is a laughing stock when counted in weighing matches. (devs have considered adding more weight to G12) again kinda silly IMO 13 is where it's at.

    Can we assume that new items with hold a tremendous amount of GP increase across a roster otherwise GAC is just gonna end up being big blowouts worse than it is now....

    thoughts ?

    Adding weight to g12 makes sense because all g13 currently holds is the accumulated power of g12 pieces. They need to make the finisher about 5-10k to actually make it weighted correctly considering how power heavy that one piece is.
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