New player (returning old player)

Hey guys!

Wow. Looks like I’ve come home to a real mess huh?

Clone reworks ... shaak it?!?!? Amazing,

I’m looking for advice for myself and a few friends who have all made fresh new accounts.

Any advices on a step by step best characters to focus or any discord servers out there for noobs to ask question?

Any and all advice is very welcome.

I’m so glad to be back in this amazing game.


  • YKMisfit
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    I think the best starting point is still farming Phoenix squadron as has been the case probably since you last played. This is because it's a multi-use faction that is absolutely necessary for Thrawn and the other uses the team has are less viable later in the game.

    From there, it's a little less clear (or at least this is where opinions vary). I would personally look at farming the Jedi Knight Revan requirements (Bastila, Jolee, T3-M4, Mission, and Zaalbar) while working on Bounty Hunters or Empire. If you're in a guild that's doing Heroic AAT at minimum, then you'll get Kenobi and GMY for free going for Revan (which gives you a full team that will carry you at the top of the arena for a long while). The BH/Empire farming simultaneously will give you a team for the DS battles as well as ships. I don't think you can go wrong with either (BH gives you a shot at Chewbacca as well as credit/droid heists while Empire will give you R2 and you'll get half the team without much farming).

    If you're looking for a heroic guild with space, mine has room for about 4 or 5 if you're interested, and we're always happy to help out with tips in game or on our discord server. Other than that, I don't have a lot of advice on where to go to get more tips. There are guides on YouTube, but even the recent ones feel a little dated and have things I don't agree with. Feel free to PM me here if you want to talk about the guild, but I don't want to spam invites here as this isn't the place for that.
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  • ^^ Phoenix is good for early stuff, but start farming chars for light/dark revans ASAP... imo
  • Awesome thanks guys. I'm working on pheonix. Got ezra and kanan so far.

    Looking for some extra discords if any are around for recruiting for my guild etc ^_^
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  • SemiGod
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    Focus on Revans and GG droids for Malak and Padmé.

    Then boom. You got the 4 best team in the game
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