Can I make the 7* Thrawn event by any chance with this team?

As the title says, can I make the event with this team? I have tried so many times and feels like im not even close to make it. Would appreciate some feedback and what I should focus on to make the event before time is out. :)


  • Good luck pal. Mine are lvl 85/G7-G9 with all abilities maxed and I can't even dent thrawn
  • Kryptic
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    edited August 2019
    I was able to get 7* thrawn with g9 chopper and g8 everyone else(not Sabine). I had all their uniques omegad. No zetas. Looking at your gear levels, you would be similar to where I was. The issue is your character’s levels and ability levels.
  • crzydroid
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    I think you'd be ok gearwise, if you made sure they were levelled and omegaed, and you swapped your fastest mods to them.
  • Thanks for the responds, I will try to level up my characters and level up more abilities if possible. Hope my lineup gets better before the event ends. :)
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