Hard Farming vs. Buying Shards

I'm relatively new to the game (lvl 49) and working on farming some characters that seem to be primarily available through hard nodes (specifically, Boba Fett). I found some older forum posts that said that even though farming from hard nodes is slow, it's more efficient than simply buying the shards with crystals. However, those forum posts also mentioned getting 8 hard node attempts per refresh, whereas now it seems to have been changed so that we only get 5. Is it still better to just keep farming the hard nodes, or is buying shards with crystals more worth it now?


  • Farm Hard nodes. Hard nodes had 8 attempts for a limited time which ended a few months ago. As for Boba Fett, I wouldn’t recommend farming him from hard nodes as he is available in the cantina shipments.
  • So it is better to buy the shards with crystals then when that's an option?
  • Gifafi
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    Never buy the shard packs, use the crystals for refreshes. Buying guaranteed shards can be ok if you are close but usually it’s better to farm. Google farming guides too
  • While leveling up, energy refreshes are by far the most rewarding use of your crystal income. In addition to the shards/gear/mods/slicing mats you also gain credits, xp and in some cases occasional character/ship ability mats.
  • Never use crystals other than refreshing energies and refreshing nodes(25 refresh for a node is really cheap, since it cuts your farming time on a character to half). If you are lvl49, you also might want to look at a few guides which characters are the most valuable in the early game, also look for mod farming guides to understand how the game works, mods are maybe the most valuable in this game.
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