Anyone else notice a huge change in the rewards?

As of today I've used both cantina energy and sim tickets and got almost no ability upgrades and I spent 100crystals to recharge it for a second go.... maybe I'm just crazy XD


  • It seems everyone has days like these and plenty come here to post about it.

    I've had days that dropped shards like crazy too thankfully.
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  • ability upgrades are hard to come by my young padawan
  • It's not recent. I rarely get (uesful)ability mats from cantina matches. I have a huge stockpile of greens, and a number of purples, but come across blues seldom. I don't worry about it, and just focus on shard gathering. I primarily get my ability mats from challenges and galactic war.
  • I'm fairly sure they dropped the rates recently. I used to count on getting the highest reward in a mission at least 3/5 times. Now it's down to 1.5/5. Makes it a bit more tedious when getting to higher gear levels especially when you need 60 purple items to forge one.
  • I do pretty well with ability mats from god forbid a normal light side sim to get that 1 piece of an item to craft and upgrade a characters gear...that sometimes takes 10-15 sims which sucks!
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    That's the nature of randomness. One day I get 22 shards from cantina the next i get 8. One day I got 0 shards from 9 battles on 1 guy, they next guy gets 4/6. One fight all my abilities are resisted... Well you get the point. It seems more random when it happens to you, or when you see all the people posting about outliers in the rng. I'd like to give the devs some credit and believe if they changed the drop rates they would say something.
  • I get 90% of my tier 3 mats from challenges and GW. I never expect to see them drop in cantina.
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    I get 90% of my tier 3 mats from challenges and GW. I never expect to see them drop in cantina.

    I actually got one in cantina today. Hadn't gotten one in so long i wasn't sure they still dropped lol. I have so many tier 1 and 2 i dont take notice of them anymore.
  • Right? I've got so many extras I just dump them into random toons to see what the lv3 or 4 (in upgrade description) skills look like.
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