That moment...

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...when your faith in rank 1 HSR rewards being better than rank 4-10 ones is crumbling.

I miss the rewards when the sith raid was fresh :'(
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  • You only have 628 of those Mk 10 light blue disk thingies? Get on my level, I’ve had twice as many as are needed in the entire game for over a year now.

    Thanks, Obam- I mean.. thanks, tank raid.
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    How I wish they would add a downvote or g. t.f.o button to this forum.
  • Jarvind
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    Rewards from tank and sith are both usually junk imo, regardless of rank. I've gotten multiple crafted G12 pieces and piles of useless junk, both in top3 and top10.

    It's just random and not worth stressing about. If I push for better rank, it's because I want more guild coin and GEC, not for the loot table.

  • Yup. currency is the only reason to place.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
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