Thrawn Event

I've got a 7* G9 Phoenix team, except Kannan who is G8, and I can't beat the team. I have speed mods on Hera, health mods on Kannan and Zeb, and crit damage on Ezra. I don't know what mods to put on Chopper. My team has omegas only except for Chopper. Any suggestions on mods?


  • Vendi1983
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    Chopper fast. Make sure his unique is Omega'd. Passive healing every turn can make the difference. Potency on Zeb, at least 60%. Call him with every assist. He'll daze/stun everyone. Backup plan on who ever is taunting so they can eat a fracture and revive.

    You want at least +50 speed on everyone. More on Hera and chopper if possible.

    Make sure Hera is hitting whoever is healthiest to try and get the expose. Zeb can stun if they're exposed. So there's another source.
  • You're essentially controlling Thrawn through Zeb so you can kill the Death Troopers and the Scout trooper. Once the DT and Scouts are down. Storm and Thrawn are pretty simple.
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