Dependence on gear level vs mods for chewie event

I know this is old news for many of you on forums but I just gotta ask, are mods still as important for the chewie event? If my memory is correct gear 13 wasn't released when chewie first came through and I was able to clear all bit the final tier to 7 star chewie. My bounty hunter team is almost completely gear 13, Zetad, and have pretty good mods which have yet to be sliced but since gear 13 can have such a large impact on character performance are mods still as important for the event?


  • I imagine you could crush the event pretty easily at g13 even with bad mods. The main difficulty of the fight is surviving the initial salvo and taking down Chewie fast which G13 would help a lot with.
  • What bh team are you running? Bossk/jango at gear 13 will probably beat it first attempt without much consideration to mods. If you are trying it with boba Fett lead and no bossk or jango, then you still might need to super potency mods strategy
  • Ok. As mentioned my squad is gear 12 and close to 13 with the best mods I think would suit the event but between the difficulty of acquiring the gear to get gear 13 and the length of time it takes to slice a single mod not to mention the window of time between events I just havent gotten around to them yet.
  • My current squad is bossk lead with boba dengar cad and greedo. My plan at some point is to replace cad and greedo with embo and jango (mainly since the new separatist tag upgrade).
  • You shouldn't need G13 with that squad. Save G13 for better toons.
  • FartBoss
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    Honestly... regardless of g13 or not, it’s a very hard event and is heavily RNG dependent, you have bossk and dengar though so you shouldn’t need to try that hard.. I did with g12 zbossk, Jango, and boba, g11 cad and IG-88 but only when I switched to my best mods
  • ZAP
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    I had no bossk and only boba G12, the rest lower and got 7*.

    After all the videos, why on earth would you think you need any G13, especially with bossk?
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