Why am in division 2 at 3.7 mil gp...



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    That extra 50k+ gp is from loading mods on crew members that I don’t use for extra gp for TB. Nice try though, good detectiving, still doesn’t explain why I got stuck in this division when my gp was under the required amount.

    That's a terrible excuse and you say it like it's not exactly what he's accusing you of doing, haha.
    fwiw, I personally don't think it's cheating at all, i've done it myself. I didn't do it this time eventhough i just barely reached the GP threshold because i don't think it's going to make that much of a difference with the new matchmaking.
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    Yeah not cheating, but why didnt you tell people you were doing it in OP? Would have been easier for folks to answer.

    But removing 50k GP in mods must be a real hassle. I dont see the point. I just promoted to Div2 this time. Will probably be harder, but oh well.

    At 3.78GP and similar milestones you are just going to face more intentional sandbaggers who, on average, will probably be tougher to fight than someone who naturally moves up. IMHO.
  • Just because it's not cheating doesn't mean it's not dishonest.
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  • I have zero g13 characters and I'm in division 2 you will do fine.
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    I have zero g13 characters and I'm in division 2 you will do fine.

    There's a guy in D1 with no g13. Most of us have 5-7...one guy has 12. The dude with zero is finna get clocked. He has no DR and no Malak either. :D
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