Relic Amplifiers Update - Character Archetypes

From our Feature Producer CG_154M:

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Newly installed on all of your character cards, the Relic Amplifier increases the power and utility of your character collection. This is accomplished through the new Archetype model that leverages the Primary Stat and Role of each of your characters to more sharply define each Role - and provide more distinction between characters that share the same Role, but that use different Primary Stats. With the goal of making your characters feel distinct, each Archetype accentuates the confluence of a character’s Primary Stat and Role, allowing us to further sharpen these distinctions as you upgrade a character’s Relic.

With the new Relic Amplifier system, we’ve taken the three Primary Stats, (Strength, Agility, and Tactics) and the four existing Roles, (Attacker, Tank, Healer, and Support) to create the 12 new Archetypes. The power and utility for each Archetype will be supercharged by the Relic Amplifier system, enabling us to better curate Primary Stat gains for each Archetype. Additionally, each Archetype now includes a special Mastery stat unique to that Archetype. This Mastery stat elevates the gameplay goals intended for each Archetype to further sharpen the distinction between each character in your collection.

The 12 Archetypes are named according to their Primary Stat and Role as shown below. Your characters will not lose their existing identity, but will, instead, gain an Archetype.

For example - Jolee Bindo’s Primary Stat is Tactics and his Role is Healer. When he gains his Relic Amplifier, Jolee Bindo will gain stats based on the Tactics Healer Archetype.

Your character’s Archetype will serve to shape their future power. As you upgrade a character’s Relic, you can expect their power to scale in a way that crystallizes their Archetype. Strength Tanks will gain more Armor, while Tactic Tanks will gain more Resistance. In a future where Relic-powered characters are battling other Relic-powered characters, each Archetype will take on its own identity, distinct from simple role-to-role comparisons.

We’re excited about the way Relic-powered characters play and are looking forward to releasing this system to you soon. Stay tuned for more information about Relic Amplifiers!
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