My best victory in pvp by far

Today I had my best pvp win, very sweet feeling

I have a droid team with 15k power going up against a top 5 player in my server.
His team has a total power of 20 thousand! The highest point total I have ever seen.
His team has
Barriss leader

A lot of health and probably fully geared. I tried a couple of times and I lost. Then on my third try, I did the following
I first buffed with poggle, his Sid did aoe.
Then my 88 did aoe and dropped 15k damage on his team. Then I used my lumi trying to ability block his Ben but failed.
After his lumi hit me, my 86 killed his lumi with the assistance from my 88. I believe they did a total of 11k damage on his lumi lol
Then his counsel and Ben did their thing and I was debuffed of course.
So I focused on his Sid next with my debuffed hk47, 88, 86 and poggle and my lumi did a heal I think.
After his Sid was killed, his fire power was pretty much gone. So my hk47 dropped a meatbag on his **** and I was able to finish his counsel, barriss and finally Ben.

At the end, none of my members got killed.
Just wanna share this win with u guys.
I farmed all my heroes from scratch, so to all of the Ftp players out there, don't be intimidated by the big spenders and advanced players in your server! Find a good plan and keep grinding. Good things will happen!


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