Question about Genosis

Our Guild is eager to start Genosis since we are approching 80M GP.
I already know it will be painfull.
But, I think I read, once you start Genosis, you can't do Hoth anymore?
Am I right?


  • Saada
    562 posts Member
    Nope you can change and to be honest I wouldn't try at 80mil, we are 114mil and have only got 9* max so far. It's tough
  • Both run at the same time, your officers get to decide which one to run. I would say try a Geonosian TB, if only to gauge when you'll be able to compete for more stars. If your darkside is strong, and can fill platoons, it'll test you.

    If you can't fill platoons, and don't have a strong darkside guild, the battles will be quick, and one sided.
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