Didn't get GET II

It was a cold morning. I woke up and looked at my message box and saw nothing. Well rancor rewards were there but you know, furnaces. And then I suddenly remembered there was a tb and special mission. Where were my rewards? Oh there was none. I asked my guildmates that didn't anyone successfully complete special mission and they said there was 15 who completed. Then where were my rewards? In mysterious box, they are not in the game anymore. Well I didn't receive any special mission tokens as rewards and then opened a ticket. They said, I didn't receive any rewards because I didn't participate in Phase 1. Yeah because it was already 3* and I am not capable of doing special mission but my guildmates did it for me. So I should've gotten the rewards. Is there any in game information about this? Even though combat missions have been done by your guildmates and if you are not capable of doing special mission, you don't get rewards so I want to ask, other guildmates who were not capable of doing special mission but did combat mission got SPECIAL MISSION rewards. Why didn't I? Tell me this and give me what is already mine.


  • And then I suddenly remembered there was a tb

    Your TB officer has his/her head in their hands reading this.

    Regarding your point I'm pretty sure it's always been that way. Don't contribute to a phase, don't get rewards for it. Maybe log in and platoon some characters when the phase starts if you don't have time to do the combat missions promptly. In the meantime build a team for the special mission if your guild regularly goes 6/6 in phase 1 before you have time to log in.
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