Join the Republic, a family of 17 guilds, with up to 30* DSGTB 46 Wat & 18* lsgtb 9 KI shards.

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As a family of 17 guilds from around the world, we’re a dedicated community that works together for the benefit of each guild family. From the days of hPIT and hAAT til now, the Republic is an established community est. in 2016 that also were early achievers in the heroic Sith raid with a new focus on conquering Light side GEO TB! Did your guild get stomped on the last TW? Come join the Republic for TW/TB oriented guilds!!!

• Guilds 155-267 mil and 1 new academy guild

• Regular TW full board clears & regulars on the TW leaderboards!

• Range of time zones across the world

• TW & TB focused guilds alike

• Up to 30 DS GEO TB stars and 46 Wat shards.

• Up to 18 LS GEO TB stars and 9 KI-ADI shards.


We're confident you can find your new home with us! Pop on by and chat with us at !

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