Active Guilds Looking For Players - September 2019 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Guild Name: VIII (spelled viii)
    Guild-GP: 165M Guild-Link:
    You can join our Discord Servers Guild Recruitment Channel with this link to instantly get in touch with us. There is always someone online :)

    We are running Geonosian Territory Battle every chance. 17 stars and climbing in Geo.
    Fully Heroic: HPit, HAAT, HSTR. Current focus is maximising the Star count in Territory Battles (Geonosian TB). We almost always win in Territory Wars and we clear HSTR in hours.
    We are a mostly North American based guild, but we have several members in Asia and Europe. That means there is almost always someone online!
    Who are we looking for? You! That player at 2.5M GP or higher, active daily and wants to improve and help others to grow! Must have a few good G12 squads for Territory Wars and Territory Battles.
    VIII Critical Info!
    HPit runs at least 3 times per week. Weekday starts are 10PM EST; weekend starts 3PM EST. 24 hour Join Period on all Raids so everyone can get in on the rewards. HPit solo efforts are allowed to post 15 minutes after raid start time.
    HAAT runs 2-3 times per week. Weekday starts are at 9PM EST; weekend starts are at 3PM EST.
    We are completing HSTR in under 12 hours, running twice a week.
    TW – 50 wins and counting! We rarely lose. We are in the 3 zeta bracket for a win, 2 for a loss. One guild officer coordinates offensive and defensive strategies. Must have ready squads (NS, FO, Sith, Jedi, BH, Empire, Phoenix, Scoundrels, etc.).
    TB – Achieving 42-45 stars on LS/DS battles; always improving. We are running the Geo TB every chance. Currently hitting 17 stars and getting better each time.
    Discord is in use and encouraged, but it is not required. Discussions other than SWGoH encouraged!
    Guild activity reset is at 7:30PM EST.
    We have no requirements for raid tickets; just do what you can. We all have lives to lead!
    Finally, chat first when you join so we know you are able to see the chat and take part
    Ohh…and HAVE FUN!
    If interested, please either reply here, PM me, or contact myself or another guild member.
    In-game I'm both Dark Helmet (561-425-188) and Upgrayedd (563-833-936).
    You can also join our Discord Servers Guild Recruitment Channel with this link to instantly get in touch with us. There is always someone online :)
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Docs of the Rock (DOTR)

    Independent Guild not in an alliance.
    -Time Zone: Eastern USA (reset 1030pm est)
    -GP: 185+M GP
    -Raids: FULLY HEROIC
    -HAAT & HPIT- 6pm Eastern
    -HSTR- 7pm Eastern
    -HOTH- dstb: 45 star️ / Lstb: 43 star️
    -GEO- dstb 22 star2

    All that we will ask of you is
    -Get your 600!
    -Have discord!
    -Participate in all phases of TB!
    -Have or Be actively farming the Revan teams!
    -Have Fun!

    Discord Server
  • Squalo
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    Anarchy Empire is looking for a few people to fill us back up!
    We are a 155mil GP Guild, our .gg page is:
    We are fully heroic and alternating Geo and Hoth TB to get everyone’s Malak’s up to 7 stars quickly. We get 43-44 TB and 15-17 Geo Tb stars. We are an active guild, who take the game serious but not hardcore at all. Great Discord and very Talkative, we are a 2 1/2 year guild!
    HPit: Simmed @10pm est (24 hour join)
    HAAT: 10pm est (24 hour join)
    HSTR: Rotate Est morning and nights for all members
    We can take 6-7 new members!
    Message me here or ingame: ally code is
    728-164-266 also jump on our discord and we can talk there:
  • Sinister Force Galactica is an active casual guild, where we support and encourage the growth and development of newer players (with a level 75 minimum) and late game players!
    Be a part of something awesome, where people care about the success of the guild, not just advancing themselves!
    We are currently sitting at 67 million and 28 players, with an average GP of 2.6mil!
    The guild has been around since Year One, but recent changes prompted a lot of inactivity. We had 6/7 stars on Geo when we were above the threshold.
    We are looking to push for Heroic Sith and to get back to Geo TB. Looking for any number of people, with 22 slots to fill!
    Inquire at Ally Code 747-757-292!
    Guild: PutItInAlderaanPlaces
    118 Mil GP
    With an average player GP of 3.2 Million GP
    Prefer new members at 2.5 Mil GP+
    Lower GP with focused roster
    International Guild with 37 / 50 members
    Discord required for chat account linked
    Daily tickets 600 preferred
    We would like people building Sith raid teams (nightsisters, Chex mix) and Genosian/General Grievous droids
    36 stars in Dark side and TB 40 Light side in most recent TB
    15 stars in Genosian Tb
    Guild reset is at 6:30 pm EDT USA
    HPit sim starts at 6:30pm EDT 24 hour registration
    HAAT 6:30pm EDT 24 hour registration
    T6 Sith as ticket generation allows at 10am 12pm 2pm rotational start
    Good strategy for TW
    Discord @Mol Maxwell#9795


    Guild-Name: Brōtherhood of Darkness
    Guild-GP: 164m

    Geo DSTB: 21/33
    Hoth LSTB: 44/45
    Hoth DSTB: 46/48

    HPIT: 8pm BST (on sim)
    HAAT: 9pm BST (on farm)
    HSTR: 10pm BST (on farm)

    Discord Server:
    Discord Host: Binxy#9448
    Ally Code: 493-799-258

    Brōtherhood of Darkness is a fully heroic independent guild with an unbeaten record on Territory Wars, focussed on the new Geonosian Territory Battles and is recruiting players with a minimum GP of 4m, who are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.

    Top players and collaborative environment - feel free to send me a message on discord if interested.

    Why so serious??If you wanted to be nagged everyday, you’d be spending time with your spouse and not playing this game... am I right???

    Are you new(ish) to the game? We ARE the guild you’re looking for! We’re happy to help newer players rise in the ranks :) and we have a lot of laughs!

    GP 107 million and rising
    48 members

    We’re looking for a few new friends to join our ACTIVE and fun guild. No drama.

    All raids are HEROIC. Pit is simmed. Gear donations are generous. We’re doing the GeoTB regularly. Hoth and Empire TB over 30 stars easily.

    Check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

    Message me if you have questions! D1e#8543
  • Rouge 420 is recruiting !!!

    Currently 48/50 with a total of 90m gp.
    We run Hpit every 3 days (almost ready to sim it), HAAT every 4 days.
    Sith T6 is launched when available and it takes us 2,5 days to finish it.

    Last TB results:
    LSTB : 31 stars
    DSTB : 32 stars
    Geo : 7 stars

    We have a discord server, but it's not obligated.

    Everybody is welcome to join. Only thing we ask is to be active. You'll get kicked after 7 days of inactivity.

    Need more info? Feel free to contact me : p4463253 or 429-982-367
  • Canadian squad is a casual yet active and friendly guild looking for player to help build toward geo and hstr. We have a tight core of active people with good teams for the heroic sith raid and geo tb's. We at 94m gp and do heroic pit aat and t6 hstr.If you have any questions, shoot me a note!

    Be active in events and chat
    Must be lvl 85
    Have raid team ready
    Have fun with nice people :)
  • Guild Name: The Jedii Always Win
    Time Zone : PST

    We are a multinational guild, we are super kind and incredibly helpful and we are recruiting again. We are here to have a good time first and foremost. We have all heroic raids on farm. Say the highest stars we've ever gotten? We have 189M+ GP (at 49/50) and 43* last LS TB. 45* on last DS TB. Also 25* on Geo TB. We are looking for someone looking eager to learn and crush the new geonosian TB!

    We are looking for extremely-active players, level 85 and good GP (~3M+). We will consider lower GP for the right individual. For communication, raid rules and assisting each other we use Discord, which is mandatory.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me on Discord or leave a message here. My ID on Discord is Snoob#0802.

    You can also join our discord server:

    -182 million gp, 48/50
    -Looking for players 3m+ GP with multiple legendary toons
    -Independent guild based in Eastern US formed in Nov 2018
    -Heroic Sith Raids 9 pm et, 2x/week
    -Heroic Tank Raids 9 pm et, 2x/week
    -Heroic Pit Raids 8 pm et, 3x/week (sim on weekdays)
    -44⭐️ Hoth LSTB (pre Geo TB)
    -46⭐️ Hoth DSTB (pre Geo TB)
    -22⭐️ Geonosis DSTB, 14 wat shards
    -32-8 TW
    -Great group environment, chatty and helpful!
    -Awesome gear donations
    -Discord account is required

    What we do and what we expect:
    Full participation in Territory Battles
    Voluntary tw sign up but REQUIRED participation if you do

    Please contact Gonzolo#6447 on discord if you are interested.
  • SPEocwR.jpg

    Hello there,

    We are the free guild “Cloud City Insurgency” in the very cooperative 12 guild alliance “Broken Legion”.

    We have:
    • 155M GP+ -> roughly 3.5M GP average ->
    • 44/50 Members
    • 29k+ tickets daily (when full)
    • HPIT on sim, HAAT, HSTR (0 dmg/24 hours)
    • HAAT: 19:00 CET (UTC+1), HSTR: 20:00 CET (UTC+1)
    • Guild Refresh: 18:30 CET (UTC+1)
    • 22☆Geo TB (Wat Tambor shards on farm)
    • 43☆ TB LS / 45☆ TB DS
    • A very structured TW tactic (we have an own TW commission)

    About us:

    We are a 3+ year old a guild, that was independent at this time.
    We now joined the alliance Broken Legion(we like to say Community), to share our knowledge and experience with. Due to being together for such a long time we developed a good routine for all of the game modes. We are a chill, yet fairly competitive guild with a core of experienced players. We are seeking to fill some empty slots.

    We are people from all around Europe and we all speak english in chat. So we welcome people from all around the world and wish to make the experience of playing the game as positive as possible for everyone.

    The guild is democratic, and officers and leaders can be voted in and out of office. You can be sure, that we have very active members, officers and guild lead. So someone will always be able to give you a quick response to any questions you might have.

    We are "hungry" and love what we achieve, but we also respect Real Life and we are not robots. Just let us know, if you are on vacation etc.

    We want/require:
    • ~ 2.0+ million GP (we may take in lower GP players with top arena rank)
    • Daily 600 tickets
    • Focused on teams for Geonosis TB
    • Discord
    • account
    • Full contribution to TB, TW
    • Most important: You enjoy the game and have fun in our guild

    What you get:
    • Regular supply of Wat Tambor shards!
    • Huge bunches of credits, shipment shards and ability materials cause of Raids, TW & TB
    • Help in any matter of the game
    • A huge community of long experienced people to play and share knowledge with
    • Fun talks with our people about anything on discord
    • Successful TW's

    You may contact me directly or come and visit the recruit server of the 'Broken Legion' alliance and ask for Terpentin#2447:

    You can also contact me directly:

  • Guild Name: Space Pirates
    Guild GP: 203M
    Geo TB: 21*
    Ally Code: 492-958-912

    Looking for 1/2 (can potentially take more) people that want to join an active and competitive, but not demanding super chill independent guild because this game is supposed to be fun after all. We're an US based ET based independent guild that uses Line that has rotating raid times of 10 am and 8 pm.

    Currently have around 12 people that can complete the Geo TB special mission and are looking for people able to contribute now or soon in the future. We’re also looking to get 23-25* next TB.

    If you're interested feel free to add and msg me in game, msg me on Line @magicflo, or msg me here.
  • ▶▶▶▶▶ DESTRUCTION ZONE is looking for active players!


    DESTRUCTION ZONE is an active, semi-relaxed guild looking for new players to join our team! We're looking for people that just like us want to push things to another level (we're running HSTRs regularly and are working towards being GEO TB ready). We're committed, cooperative and always improving!

    Please PM me if you're interested!


    What we're looking for :
    • Active members, that want to enjoy game in a good environment.
    • 2M+ GP
    • 600 energy/day is our primary focus +participation in guild events
    • Communication through guild chat is enough and requested, but discord would be appreciated
    • We're based in the UK, so similar time zone would be ideal.
    • profile
    • JTR+C3PO squads appreciated.


    We're offering:
    • Good environment, we're a group of friends!
    • Helpful, cooperative team and organized approach to guild events.
    • Discord server full of useful resources.


    Player ID of a recruiter: Chris MacKenzie (ally code: 885-762-881)
  • The Scruffy Nerbherders want you!!!

    Scruffy Nerbherders have been working together and growing for the past few years, and we're looking to fill out the last few spots in our guild! We're a very diverse group spanning across quite a few different countries and we have a lot of fun together.

    Guild GP: 104,974,160 Members: 47/50 Raids: Heroic Pit 24 hour join period on Sim, HaaT 24 hour join period, no damage allowed for 7* GK owners for first 24 hours. Tier VI Sith raid but very close to stepping up and getting Traya shards. TW: 90% win ratio

    Requirements: Level 85, notification required for inactivity longer than 7 days, discord participation highly encouraged but not required.

    Feel free to join our lobby or send me a message @imsmitty3#2687
  • image0.jpg
    Looking for 3 solid members to replace a few that have retired from the game!
    Our guild is all about participation and doing your part.
    This is a US based guild so all raids occur in the evenings so 8 or 9 PM EST start time.
    Simmed Pit 3 times per week
    Tank twice per week
    Heroic Sith twice per week
    We are completely focused on the Geo TB so we will consider Lower GP's if you have really solid Seps.
    We achieved 26 stars in Geo TB before our guild had 3 retired from the game.
    600 daily tickets
    2.5+ Million GP (flexible)
    Full focus on Geo TB's
    Willing to communicate!
    Contact R0B0T0RT0ISE here or message JTrumpCaldVeers#3028 on Discord
    Message in game as well. Ally Code: 779-132-385

  • Https://
    Padawans League
    117 mil GP
    currently looking for daily active players of around 2 mil or more GP to fill 3 open spots due to members leaving the game because of relics.
    We are very active and do Heroic Rancor on sim 3 times per week on a regular schedule times per week. If you need the Rancor title or quest we will happily run it normal for a bit if you needed it. We also do HAAT and HSith rotate times each week 4pm and 7pm EST.
    We are an EST guild.
    1. Currently looking for members at 2 mil or higher GP or close to that with 2 heroic sith rdy teams.
    Seperatist and Geo's a plus for Geo TB
    2. required to contribute a daily average of 500 tickets per week however we do understand that real life takes priority we just ask that you inform us if there is a good reason you can't meet that sometimes.
    3. must sign up on website and have profile setup to sync and public.
    4. must communicate. we don't expect you to be a super chatter box but must keep up with info and follow instructions posted in discord. So discord is a requirement.
    We are pretty laid back in general but we are active and want members who are actively pursuing this game and trying to always improve. We are a teaching guild so we love to help people to learn the ends and outs of this game and strive to make you the best you can be.
    If interested or you have any questions please feel free to join our recruitment discord and ask for Padawans League. One of our officers will be happy to help you or message me directly.
    here is a link to our stats spreadsheets and you can see that we are organized and a history of how we do in events and such:
    Contact Info:

    Are you feeling trapped in your guild like a bad relationship? Do they take more than they give?? If you wanted to be nagged everyday, you’d be spending time with your spouse and not playing this game... am I right???

    Are you new(ish) to the game? We ARE the guild you’re looking for! We’re happy to help newer players rise in the ranks :) and we have a lot of laughs!

    GP 107 million and rising
    48 members

    We’re looking for a few new friends to join our ACTIVE and fun guild. No drama.

    All raids are HEROIC. Pit is simmed. Gear donations are generous. We’re doing the GeoTB regularly. Hoth and Empire TB over 30 stars easily.

    Check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

    Message me if you have questions! D1e#8543
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    Ewokolypse Rising is Recruiting

    • ~190 million+ GP
    • Guild Reset: 5:30PM / 6:30PM Eastern Time
    • 21 :star: DS Geo Territory Battles (primary focus)
    • 45 :star: LS / 45 :star: DS Hoth Territory Battles (Geo TB now)
    • HPIT sim enabled
    • HAAT alternates 11:00 AM / 6:00 PM Eastern Time
    • HSTR alternates 12:00 PM / 7:00 PM Eastern Time
    • ~10 million + damage for top 10 HSTR

    • 600 tickets daily
    • Join all raids
    • Participate in TB
    • If you join TW, participate in offense & defense
    • account
    • Actively monitor Discord
    • 3 million + GP, with some exceptions
    • DR, JKR, and one other solid G12 team preferred

    We understand that life happens. We ask that if you will not be able to get tickets, or participate in events, you inform us so that we can plan accordingly.

    For more information, contact Elijuan#5322 on Discord, join our Discord server, or check out our profile.
  • There has been a great Disturbance in the force. Some call it Relics, Some call it burnout, I call it opportunity.
    Absolution is going strong and recruiting
    Currently looking for 5-6 active players 2.5 million GP
    We are over 129 mil gp
    Running Geonoisian Territory battles with 15+ stars
    Mainly a US based Guild but have multiple players around the world.
    We are a 2 Guild team with opportunities to promote between guilds for great rewards
    Require 500 - 600 tickets daily and be active in all guild events
    Looking For active players with who are looking to grow and have fun
    We used Both LINE and DISCORD
    Contact me on here or in game if any questions.
    Going Postal 618-986-168
    LineChat --- iamgoingpostal
    Discord -- GoingPostal#9139
    And as always
  • United Without Limits is recruiting!

    The family who developed and continue to bring you the Planet Coruscant discord server, including the hSTR Project, and are currently involved in running the Guild Recruitment Discord Server (GRDS), we pride ourselves in our commitment to our members and the SWGoH community as a whole.

    We are currently looking for new members across our family of 11 guilds which operate independently of each other, but band together to recruit, commune, and share SWGoH wisdom!

    We are happy to welcome new members on an individual basis but can definitely look to accommodate small to medium groups en masse as well - we would look to work with you to keep groups together as far as possible whilst also finding a guild home within our family which suits each individual's play style.

    What we bring to the table:
    - Guild GP ranging from 100m to 210m+
    - Wide range of playing styles, from casual to ultra hardcore.
    - Many different raid times, suited to people all over the world.
    - International membership.
    - Crucial knowledge and understanding of SWGoH, to help players at all levels of the game grow into BAMFs.
    - Unrivaled camaraderie.

    What we expect from you:
    - Consistent play. All guilds have different ticket quotas, some super lax, some super strict, and everything in between.
    - 1.5m+ GP for our casual guilds, 4m+ for our ultra hardcore guilds. Lots in between.
    - Respectful communication. Relaxed, but fun!
    - Desire to learn and improve.

    Come check out all of our guilds and chat to our team on our Discord recruitment center!

  • Looking for 3 players who are Geo TB and TW focused.

    About Us:
    - Imperial Marksmanship Academy
    - 201 Mil GP
    - 3 Potential Open Spots
    - 25 ⭐️ Geo TB
    - 10 Wat Shards (and continuously growing)
    - 52 -17 In TW
    - Independent Guild
    - Guild Reset 6:30 pm EST
    - Fully HEROIC runs @ 9pm EST
    - Run an ALT Guild for extra Raids in between TBs and TWs.
    - Working Towards Geo TB

    What We Are Looking For:

    - 3.8+ Mil GP(can be case by case)
    - Active With 600 Daily(RL happening is understood)
    - Following TB and TW orders
    - Understanding of Importance of not Pre-Loading Turn Meter in TW
    - Developed/Developing TB and TW squads.
    - Developed/Developing Meta squads.
    - Competitive In Arena and Fleet Shards
    - Developed/Developing Geo TB squads

    Feel Free To Chat With Our Officers:

    Line - mjd2192
    Discord mjd#0855
    Ally Code 911-593-924
    Vietnam Hero Group
    177m GP
    * About us:
    - International guild of TNR Alliance, operate independently.
    - HSR starting time: 02:00PM UTC (09pm gmt+7)
    - Have win streaks in TW.
    - Over 21* in GeoTB.
    * Looking for new members that:
    - Active to do GeoTB, TW.
    - Over 2.5m, have good rosters/ geos team and top rank.

    Thanks for reading.
    DM me if u are interested.
    My ally code: 598-661-688
  • Bobas-Ad-Sept19.png
    Fully Heroic, Active Fun Guild!

    Are you looking for a guild that is active and is full of passionate helpful players but doesn't have any draconian rules? Then BOBAS SHRIMP is the guild for you! Bonus points for spotting the movie reference

    We are an international guild with officers in UK, Europe, Australia and USA. We are currently sitting on 115mil GP and continually growing. Our players are very active and very helpful and supportive. We are seeking an active player or two to continue our growth.

    About Us:
    HSTR run regularly with a 24hr Join period
    HAAT with a 24hr Join period
    HPIT on Sim
    DSTB approx. 32 Stars
    LSTB approx. 31 Stars
    TW over 90% win rate

    If all of this sounds like what you are looking for, or you just wish to know more, then contact me ingame at Ally Code 348-916-131
    Discord link:
  • Our Guild is reloading! Anarchy Empire lost some people due to relics and real life and now we are looking to fill back up! We are a 155mil gp guild, fully heroic who’s been around for 2 years, with many long standing members. We are very friendly, talkative, and get along very well on discord, and we take the game serious but not hardcore. We fully understand real life comes first.
    HPit: simmed 3x’s a week (24 hour join)
    HAAT: 2-3x’s a week @10pm est (24 hour join)
    HSTR: 2x’s week rotate morning and evenings for all time zones.
    Rotate Geo TB and Hoth to get our Malak’s up fast. 15-16 Geo stars(20 when full) and 43 Hoth Stars
    Just got our 40th TW win, so we are very competitive and win a lot. If your interested, please let me know or if you have any questions, let’s chat: ingame my ally code is 728-164-266 or jump on our discord at:
  • Randar Strikes Back

    Recruiter: Airborne182226

    Guild SWGoH Page:
    Message me here on Discord (Airborne182226#1193)
    39/50 members
    Guild GP: 75.7 million
    Guild Requirements:
    • Level 55 minimum
    • Be active (5 days inactive without notification is subject to being removed)

    Guild reset time: UTC 23:30/GMT -5
    • Heroic Pit: Currently every 5-6 days (depending on tickets)
    • Heroic AAT: roughly every 8-9 days (depending on tickets)
    • Tier 6 Sith Triumvirate: As soon as we can
    We have a Discord. Not required, but heavily encouraged
    We have a tool that we use for planning territory wars and territory battles (output is in Discord)
    • No minimum tickets per day currently, but we would appreciate at least 400
    • No specific required characters
    • No specific Galactic Power requirement

    Casually-active, or actively-casual?
    • We like to enjoy the game and have fun. We do try to plan for events, but do what you can do.
    • We don’t “go hard or go home”, and we try to help each other.
    • If you want to spend, you can. We do not require that in the least.

    Just trying to enjoy the game, help others succeed, and complete all of the activities and do aaaaaaaall of the things.

    Message me here on Discord for more info or just to chat!

    Revans Remnant
    134.5 million

    Just cleared some inactives and are looking for 5 to join our guild.
    1mil GP

    Fully heroic guild on a good winning streak in TW. Running Geo TB with 14 stars.

    Guild requirements:
    1. Active contributor to all Guild events.
    2. Active daily to help generate raid tickets.
    3. Discord mandatory

    Contact me for any questions on discord at Rellim Cire#6096 or in game (438-658-111).
    **Eternal Empire Academy (EEA)**
    50/50 Members
    54M+ GP
    PST Guild Reset

    We are the **Eternal Empire Academy** & we are looking for new & midlevel players. We want committed, loyal members that are interested in learning & growing. Competitive, organized & FUN. Progressing towards HSTR and in need of JTR, JKR, NS, Chex Mix & BH teams. Also in need of teams for TW.

    Our guild is part of *The Eternal Empire*, a collective of 8 amazing independently run guilds. We are community based & enjoy sharing information & know-how between all members. We possess the tools, resources, bots & advice to push you onward and upward!

    * Daily, Active Player
    * 400 Tickets Daily Minimum (More is Always Preferred)
    * Minimum 800K GP & Two TW & STR Ready Teams
    * Active Discord Use
    * A Synced & Public Account
    * Motivation to Grow & Learn

    * Rotating Raid Times, 24 hr Join Period
    * Tier 5 Sith
    * HAAT
    * HPIT
    * LSTB 21
    * DSTB 21
    * TW Win Rate: 93% (14/15)

    __**HOW TO JOIN US:**__
    Please come to our Discord server & an Officer or Recruiter will help you!

    We look forward to welcoming you into our family!
  • Chairborne Rangers (
    (Invite only)

    We are looking for 15-20 active people to join our guild to replace those who are not pulling their weights. We are one independent guild of three in an alliance.

    • Must be active - daily players only
    • Must be at minimum level 80
    • Must have account
    Here's our rules...
    • Be active: do the daily guild activities and generate 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    • No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    • We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed. Rules are as follow...
      • For TW defense, squad size requirement are set for few territories, go below, get a strike
      • For Hoth TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike
    • TB: we get about 34/36 stars
    • TW: won at least 90% (50+ wins already)
    • HSTR: start 3pm EST
    • HPIT (Sims)/HAAT: 24 hours wait period, start time is 8 local rotating with EST, PST, EU (Germany)
    • If already have 7* Hans/GK, do not solo it or get significance damage
    • Discord is optional - rated PG :)
    Any questions? Or welcome aboard? :)
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