Active Guilds Looking For Players - September 2019 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



    118M GP

    Recruiter: ObiWanJabroni
    Discord: ObiWanJabroni#2659

    Reset Time is 7:30 PM EST

    Raid Tier: HEROIC ON ALL with a 24hr join period. Raids are launched as soon as ticket requirement is met (so 7:30 PM EST) HPIT is sim'd, free for all after the join period on HAAT & HSITH

    TW Record is 55-10

    TB: 11* Avg on Genosian and growing

    We have a 3 day inactivity rule and LVL 85 requirement. No ticket requirement seeing as everyone plays daily anyway. Event participation is expected (we're all a team)

    About us: Pestilence is the awesome compilation of 2 older guilds that was formed in order to qualify for Genosia. We are a band of brothers and a few sisters from all over the nation just havin a good time growin in game and ****.'n through real life together. We currently have 45 or so daily competitive players and are looking for a few good recruits. We use Discord for most in game coordination as well as a lot of extra curricular activities. We also use it for MSF where we have a guild as well. If you're interested, hit me up in game or on discord.

    If you're lookin for a group that plays hard, yet understands real life gets in the way sometimes ✔ YOU FOUND IT

    Lookin for all Heroic ✔ FOUND IT

    Lookin for fun folks to **** bout rl, music, sports etc. ✔ FOUND IT
  • 187m GP [GeoTB 18* + Wat] seeks several players

    Steevo's Falcons WANTS you! We are a fun-loving and organized competitive/casual guild that focuses on growing and winning together. We have several openings for like-minded players!

    *Daily players who enjoy the game
    *Full participation in TBs
    *If you join a TW, full participation
    *600 energy/day (excluding vacations or scheduled absences)
    *Must use Discord. You don’t have to chat but you need to stay informed and we have great resources there (bots, guides, etc)
    *Have an account on
    *Average arena rank below 500, preferably 200 (only way to keep up if FTP)
    *Working on GeoTB toons (Geos, Sep, Sep Droid)
    *Probably 2.5mil GP at a minimum, but can make exceptions

    Guild information:
    *Payout reset 830pm EST
    *187m GP, 3.75m avg GP
    *GeoTB 18 stars (and climbing) and earning WAT shards
    All raids run as frequently as possible
    *hPit - simmed
    *hAAT & hSTR raid times rotated for all schedules and time zones

    About us: Steevo’s Falcons is an established, stable guild competing together since 2016. We are largely based in the US with some representation in the EU and Brazil. The leadership team is involved and coordinated and many of us have been playing since launch. It’s a friendly, mature, easy-going bunch who grow together.

    Come have fun with us! Contact me here or directly on Discord shuppie#6359 if you are interested or have questions, I will take a look at your roster to make sure we are a good match for each other and then we can do an invite.
  • Hessey0788
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    Looking for a group of 15-20 active players to join our guild. We are 109mil gp. Only a couple players away from being able to complete hstr easily. We are looking for active players that will participate in all or close to all activities. We understand life happens and arent super strick. That said we do expect people to participate or after several instances we will remove. If another guild wants to merge we will over officer spots to several of the merging guild’s officers. For any inquiry message ally code 522276369
    Or discord hessey0788#3877
    Thanks for reading
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  • Chaser8672
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    Rise of the Demans looking for one (could maybe make place for a few more) - 125M+, 49/50, fully heroic, Geo TB (11*, expecting improvement). Most of the membership is active (450/500 daily tickets on average,, no set limit though).

    Basically the only requirement is to participate regularly in TB (according to instructions). TW is optional (40+ joined regularly) but if you join you must contribute. 5 days inactivity limit. Exceptions are of course made for life events (vacations, weddings, terrible hangovers...) if they're announced in advance.

    Looking for 1,5M+ players but we can talk even if you're not exactly reaching that (more a guideline than a rule).

    Link to Reddit ad:
    Contact info:
    - here,
    - on Discord (@Chaser#8672),
    - on Reddit (see link) or
    - in-game (829-639-722).

  • Rust
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    Are you looking for a guild? Why join a huge alliance who only value numbers and not the people. Join us! We are 95m+ A crew of Falcons, a guild allied to the 135m+ 'the Hills have Jedis'!

    We're looking for up to 10 fun, sociable, active players to help A crew of Falcons out on our journey and build a future together! We do Hpit, Haat and HSTR. We're looking for members who'll add to our guild roster in both HSTR and Geo TB. For now we rotate between Hoth and Geo TB as some members like Hoth better for the higher amount of MK1 currency.

    What we are looking for:
    1. Follow guildrules and teamorders.
    2. Active and daily participation in all guild events.
    3. Collect minimum 500 daily tokens every day.
    4. Has to have a Discord account.
    5. Has to have a account.
    6: No GP requirements, rosters will be reviewed on every basis.

    What do we offer you:
    1. We offer great advice and help each other out whenever needed.
    2. Banter between people all over the planet.
    3. Doing as many events as possible, therefore earning as many credits/gear/shards as possible.
    4. An active but friendly Discord server, with sections for all the areas in the game.
    5. All members in the alliance are in the same Discord server, so we're always one big, fun, united group.
    Real life is #1 priority, so if you can't make a goal or your tickets it's not a problem with us, just send a message and we're all cool.

    Our profiles:
    1st guild 135m+ strong: The hills have Jedis:
    2nd guild 95m+ strong: A crew of Falcons:

    My Discord: Rust#8261
    My ally code: 746-381-534

    If you got questions or just wanna chat, please shoot me a message, I hope to hear from you soon!
  • Astrin
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    Airbenders is a predominately UK/EU based band of deviants, miscreants and scallywags who excel at productive procrastination. If you often ponder the greater mysteries of the universe such as where the C to W wing fighters can be found and can spot a trap from the bridge of a Mon Cal Cruiser then wander on down

    Guild count is 47/50

    We are currently hovering at the 200M GP level with older content on farm. At the moment our primary goal is to increase our stars on the Geo TB (25 from last TB) and to prepare for the inevitable LS version.

    Whilst we are fairly relaxed in other areas of the game we do expect people to put the effort in to improving rosters and overall performances at the TB level.

    Raids all have 24 hour signups and start between 19:30 and 20:30 UK time we do ask soloers to allow others to have a shot at the raid before they post a kill so there is a wait time after the start before posting a solo kill.

    TW is generally used to sandbox try out def and off teams for our own GAC runs. We expect people to post def teams and sign up for it only because the zetas help the guild progress as a whole but we do not consider TW a priority. At this stage we don't feel the required effort to win a TW is reflected in the reward if that changes so may our position.

    What we ask for in return are 600 tickets per day or a heads up if you are away/having issues, to join us on discord as this is where we coordinate most things and to have linked your account to to make all of our lives easier. Participation and activity in chat/disc is entirely at your own discretion as long as you at least respond when asked for things directly and post your TB platoons in a timely manner.

    Players should be around the 3.5 Mill GP mark although we do consider the roster a better indicator than the total GP so feel free to apply if you feel you can contribute and are not quite at the mark.

    For best results contact me on Discord Astrin#7344 with any question or to register an interest.
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    Guild: Swørd øf Mandaløre

    Come enjoy SWGOH with us. We love the game but, it is only a game. We joke around frequently and use both guild chat and discord for conversations and communication. Our guild members work hard to have the best teams and newest toons/gear but, we don’t spend $$ to do it. We do put effort into researching the best strategies and tactics for all events.

    Recently reformed guild of veteran players.
    * Currently ~20 players, waiting for the remainder to switch over. Will be around 30 players once complete.
    * Average player GP 3M
    * Guild reset at 7:30pm Central US
    * HPIT/HAAT(24 hour join period, runs every few days, 8:30pm Central)
    * We are on the verge of completing HSTR need just a bit more power in P3 to get over that hump
    * No damage limits
    * Territory Wars: more losses than wins overall, recently won 4/5.
    * Territory Battles: Running Hoth until guild members above 40.
    - Working on Separatists/Galactic Republic preferred, but we won't tell you what to farm
    * Very organized leadership ready to help anyone in the guild who wants to learn and grow
    * Good mix of casual and "more competitive" players with a friendly guild chat. Hopefully you will join in the conversation and help keep things positive. No drama.
    * Using Discord is preferred, but not required

    * Active daily players who want to work together. We define "Active" as:
    - At least one log in every 24 hours
    - Hit the Join button on raids to earn free loot (damage optional)
    - TB: At least deploy characters and follow guild's instructions
    * Let us know when/why you will be inactive or on vacation (life happens - we get it)
    * 3M+ GP current roster preferred, pretty flexible, once you’re in, you’re in until you choose to leave.
    Have JKR and/or DR on roster, or have Old Republic teams in progress for next event Find us on discord here.
    Von Ellis #2593

    Contact to Join or ask questions!
    Von Ellis
  • Mastertomato88
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    Fights Like a Girl

    Looking for a fun, yet competitive Guild that boost a good gaming environment!? Look no further! We have alot of day one players that are very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Guild Stats:
    -46/50 - 4 open spots
    -178M GP, all raids heroic
    -Geo TB focus (17 stars) should be 19-20 next go around
    -Raid Launch Times (w/24hr join): 01:00 UTC or 9:00PM EST
    -Discord mandatory!
    -85% TW win rate!

    Guild Rules:
    - Lf 3.5m or above.( players with lower gp and concentrated roster accepted)
    - Minimum 500 tix/day
    - TW optional, but if you sign up then participation is a must
    - Players without legendary+ players should be focused on getting them, this especially applies to malak and padme
    - strongly encouraged

    Recruitment Officer: Mastertomato88#2917
    Ally code: 652-162-416
    - Feel free to message me on Discord or in game.

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  • cv9peSR.jpg

    Scruffylooking Nerfherderz recruiting!

    Original guild formed at guilds inception looking for new active daily players. Laid back, friendly and supportive environment where daily activity is the main prerequisite.

    All Heroic Raids (Pit auto)

    168m GP 48/50 members

    -Territory Battle participation mandatory (mixture of Geo/Hoth till we get our 7* Malaks!)
    -Territory War participation mandatory if you choose to join
    -450 daily energy minimum (600 always preferred 😁)

    Leader SN Doofios: ally code 272-327-981
    Discord server:

    Who's Scruffylooking? Come and say hello and give us a try!

    Why so serious??If you wanted to be nagged everyday, you’d be spending time with your spouse and not playing this game... am I right???

    Are you new(ish) to the game? We ARE the guild you’re looking for! We’re happy to help newer players rise in the ranks :) and we have a lot of laughs!

    GP 104 million and rising
    45 members

    We’re looking for a few new friends to join our ACTIVE and fun guild. No drama.

    All raids are HEROIC. Pit is simmed. Gear donations are generous. We’re doing the GeoTB regularly. Hoth and Empire TB over 30 stars easily.

    Check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

    Message me if you have questions! D1e#8543
  • Guild-Name: Galaxy Hunters Reavers
    Guild-GP: 150m

    Guilde de fans de Star Wars (évidemment) et de Fluide Glacial, sans chichi recrute des joueurs motivés et actifs.

    Geo DSTB: 16/33
    Hoth LSTB: 41/45
    Hoth DSTB: 42/48

    HPIT: 19h30 (simulé)
    HAAT: 22h (durée 45min + 1j inscription)
    HSTR: 20h (durée 3 - 4 h + 1j inscription)

    Profile and discord obligatoire
    3M PG min pour les nouveaux postulants

    Candidatures étudiées sur Discord Server:

    Excellente ambiance sur notre discord et consignes claires.
    Si vous êtes chaud patate, rendez vous sur et on discutera autour d’un verre de votre rooster.

    A tout de suite
  • Guild Name - Sabers of Pain

    Guild GP - 225m

    We are looking for a few players! We are relaxed as a guild but also very competitive. TW and TB participation are a must, get your 600 tickets a day please, we require new legendary toons to be obtained when they come out for the 2nd time. Must have DR, Malak and Wat(or very close to having Wat). Raid participation is up to you but need to at least join the raid.

    Geo TB: 28* (VERY close to 29)

    Hoth LSTB: 45* (not currently running)

    Hoth DSTB: 47* (not currently running, could easily obtain 48* but Geo TB is our priority)

    Pit on Sim, HSTR and HAAT on farm.

    We have a lot of fun on Discord (must have) joking around with each other. If you're competitive but don't want the stress of a whale guild hit me up!

    Discord: Cecil #3103
  • taquillasun
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    Hello all Galaxy Heroes! WE NEED YOU!

    We are a guild looking for active players - that have goals like us!

    We don't require you to join any guild events. But if you do, we do require participation.

    We don't require you to be on discord, or register on a website. But we do have a discord.

    We DO require you to have fun, be active and work towards completing content!

    A few things we do -

    Sim Rancor raid.

    Quickly take down ATT!

    And we do the Sith Trim raid!

    Geonosian Territory Battles at 12 Stars.

    Looking forward to Light Side Geo (We are way more prepared!) edit*

    Here is our guild roster :

    Anyone with 2.5 Mil GP or better is welcome!!

    Message me or anyone of our members in game!!! Send us any questions!

    My ally code: 671-797-632
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  • VengefulCruelty
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    177Mil / 21* Geo / Wat Shards / Needs 3 before TB

    Are You ready to become Free? To Discard Your Masters? To be a able to do as you wish? Become one of The Rōnin. Our 177 Mil GP HSTR Guild Is Growing Rapidly and We are Seeking New Members to Continue its Growth!

    What We Offer:
    • All Heroic Raids(EST)
    • Very High Win Ratio in TW
    • GEO TB Focused(21 Star Avg -- Always Improving)
    • Wat Tambor Shards
    • Great Discord Community, with Tons of Great Information for Constant Growth
    • Fast Growing Motivated Active Guild, With Good Participation(29k+ Daily)
    • Strong and Experienced Leadership.

    What You Bring To The Table:
    • Preferably 3.5+ Mil GP or Better Account
    • A GEO TB/TW Focused Roster
    • SWGOH.GG and Discord Accounts That Are Used Actively
    • No Issues Getting That Pesky Daily 600 Done
    • A Fun Attitude

    Here Is Where You Can Check Us Out:

    Contact Me On Here or Discord: Vengefulcruelty#9264
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  • Die Clashers suchen Zuwachs! Du hast das Gefühl, in deiner Gilde nicht weiterzukommen und möchtest dich schneller weiterentwickeln? Du hast keine Lust mehr auf schlechte Stimmung, knallharten Befehlston und dünne Organisation? Dann sind wir definitiv die richtige Adresse für dich! Unser Gildenprofil auf swgoh:

    Wir bieten:

    Gilden-GM 185 Mio
    26 Sterne im Geo TB
    Arenadurchschnitt <100 in beiden Arenen Startzeiten (CET)
    hAAT 19:30 MEZ
    hSR 21:00 MEZ
    hPit wird simuliert
    Hilfestellung zu allen Aspekten des Spiels

    Was wir erwarten:

    3,5 Mio GM, bei fokusiertem roster weniger
    Account bei
    Aktivität in Discord
    600 Tickets am Tag
    Regelmäßige Teilnahme an Gildenevents
    Gezieltes Farmen von wichtigen Chars

    Falls du interessiert sein solltest, melde dich doch gerne direkt bei uns auf dem Discord Server oder per PN bei mir. Discord: justloseit#1186
    183M GP guild

    Guild Reset - (5.30pm UK)
    - HRancor - (Auto) 8pm
    - HTank - (7.00pm UK)
    - HSTR - (8.30pm)
    - Discord required
    - Daily contribution of 600 Tickets.
    - LSTB 41 Star (suspended)
    - DSTB 44 Stars (suspended)
    - GEO TB - 21 Stars
    - Need to contribute to TW/TB

    We are a fun, friendly and helpful guild! Join our discord to find out more about us!

    Thanks for reading!
  • Citi_sue01
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    Filled up.... thank you

    We are looking for 2 players to fill our ranks. Looking for players with 3.5mil GP, but will make

    concessions for the right player.

    Unlimited Power is a strong independent guild that consists of long time players as well as

    Current and former officers and we all enjoy swgoh. We are a mature group of players

    who have fun as a guild and take the game seriously. We do not make game related

    demands as a guild , except for one. Participation.

    We have a motto- " get your stuff done, no one is watching ". We are all here to have fun

    and not interested in baby sitting or sending notifications. Lack of participation makes work

    for our officers and distracts from everyones experience.

    We are about fun and UNLIMITED POWER !!

    Raid times are as follows-- tank @5pm Hsith 6pm

    Geo TB 22-23 stars w/tambor shards

    Note: our meme channel can be a hot mess! Its never over the top, just kinda grimy.
    But the good kind of grimy. You've been warned. Soak it in or mute it. Palpatine laughs. Ha ha
    Our food channel has good Bourbon and Beers and smoked or bbq's. Come join us!

    If you are interested send a dm or in game chat.

    Mugazze#9413 367-298-863

    Volnon#7807 456-886-557
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  • The Journey Of The Whills Requirements:
    • No GP requirement, but must have decent meta teams with emphasis on Geo TB squads
    • 540+ raid tickets/day average over the week
    • Discord (for TB/TW assignments & fun camaraderie)
    • We are an active guild with a united and invigorated group of players that are currently dominating TB/TW, along with all Heroic raids! We started at 60M GP and are now skyrocketing at 130M+ GP.
    • Guild Reset Time - 12:30 AM UTC/7:30 PM EST (We are an international but mostly NA guild)
    • Raids are launched on a rotation of 3 different times (4/12/20 UTC) to accommodate every member's personal schedules with a 24-hour join period for HPIT (simmed) & HAAT/HSTR, then FFA.
    What We Offer:
    • HPIT (Rancor) 3x/week simmed
    • HAAT 2-3x/week
    • HSTR 2-3x/week
    • | 17* GeoTB | 38 LSTB | 40 DSTB |
    • 25-2 in TW
    • An active Discord server with personalized farming/development advice, guides, bots, resources, and camaraderie
    • A mature & tight-knit family of laid-back members who love everything Star Wars
    Other Reqs. & Rules:
    • Play nice, we don't start fights unless we're placing bets after a couple rounds of drinks
    • 3 day inactivity limit (if you need a break whether it be a week or a month, just notify us in our absence channel and you're good!)
    • Have fun! It's a **** game!
    Highly Preferred:
    • Geonosian TB toons/squads
    • A good sense of humor

    Join our Discord server and an officer will respond ASAP, or contact below:
  • AxM Hypernova is looking for 1 member to join our guild. We have HSTR on farm and alternate 10am/7pm EST raid times. We are working hard to conquer Geonosis TB, come join us. We have a sister guild and maintain a fun and friendly community on Discord.

    * Winning TW record
    * 23 ⭐️ DS TB - Geonosis
    WAT shards!!!

    send me a message here or via discord Mønster#6876 for further information
    -184 million gp, 49/50
    -Looking for players 3m+ GP with multiple legendary toons
    -Independent guild based in Eastern US formed in Nov 2018
    -Heroic Sith Raids 9 pm et, 2x/week
    -Heroic Tank Raids 9 pm et, 2x/week
    -Heroic Pit Raids 8 pm et, 3x/week (sim on weekdays)
    -44⭐️ Hoth LSTB (pre Geo TB)
    -46 ⭐️ Hoth DSTB (pre Geo TB)
    -22 ⭐️ Geonosis DSTB, 14 wat shards
    -31-8 TW
    -Great group environment, chatty and helpful!
    -Awesome gear donations
    -Discord account is required

    What we do and what we expect:
    Full participation in Territory Battles
    Voluntary tw sign up but REQUIRED participation if you do

    Please contact Gonzolo#6447 on discord if you are interested.
  • GP: 129,532,821
    DSTB 41 | LSTB 38 | GTB 14
    TW Record: 32 - 13
    Members: 47/50

    New Rebel Order is seeking dedicated members who love the game and possess a desire to become stronger gamers through teamwork and camaraderie. We are a stand-alone guild of up to 50 loyal members to promote interpersonal growth and formidable relationships. Not a multi-guild community. Once you join NRO, you remain. We have specialists in every game aspect including our HAAT Coach who is a leader on the HSTR Project standing by to guide, advise and encourage your growth by providing you with the strategies, tips and you as we all grow stronger together. We are content being a small yet solid group of gamers and not interested in joining an alliance. Only mergers we’ll consider are those willing to merge into us. Guild reset is 7:30p EDT

    Join the Rebellion:
    1. Discord is mandatory. If not on Discord within 2 days you will be removed
    2. Daily player, minimum level 85 with of 1.75+ mil GP
    3. Must have at least one viable NS, CLS, BH, FO or ROLO-COP HSTR ready squad
    4. Must be working on at least one HSTR squad at all times
    5. account for event strategizing and in-house squad management

    Member Perks:
    1. Raid Han, General Kenobi, ROLO, Imperial Probe Droid | Traya shards. All you need is a 7* character to participate!
    2. Expert advice, guidance and support from knowledgeable and experienced advisors including mod and swgoh experts, multiple leaders of successful HSTR guilds and a top 200 TW guild.
    3. Highly organized server providing updated information on various topics that improve gameplay and promote swift and continual advancement.
    4. Leadership team committed to providing a member focused guild.
    5. Sociable members ready and willing to assist if needed.

    Auto-Launch Raid Schedule:
    HPIT: 7p EDT | 24 hour join | Simmed: Must join to receive rewards
    HAAT: 7p EDT | 24 hour join | Live at Launch
    HSTR: Rotating Wednesday/Friday launch | Live at Launch

    We have several bots for game efficiency and entertainment. Contact Dark Rolyzzz #9997 on Discord, DarkRolyzzz on Forums or visit us on our Discord server for questions or more info.

    Join the Rebellion on our quest for galactic domination! May the Force be with you always!
    DM me @Dark Rolyzzz#9997 for information on New Rebel Order or if interested in joining. Join the Rebellion and be a part of the Rebel Revolution!
  • TrenoPhoenix looking to fill one open slot.

    We are a causal but competitive guild. No ****. No one looking over your shoulder nagging you if you missed 600 raid tickets for a day here and there. We have a good bunch, lively discussion, with gear salvage donations generously given.

    Guild GP: 118+ million
    Guild Reset time: 7:30 pm EDT (GMT -4)
    HPIT (Sim Enabled) 24 hour sign up
    HAAT 24 hour sign up then free for all
    We run HSTR on 24 hour sign up. Great opportunity to snag traya shards or that Sith smiter title if you haven’t unlocked yet.
    TW 30+ wins
    TB: 32* LS/35* DS (Hoth)

    Discord encouraged but not mandatory.

    Looking for someone with minimum 2M GP (combined ships and characters).

    Message Qi'Vodis in-game (ally code 466-251-153) if interested.
  • We are looking for powerful FREE-TO-PLAY members!

    The 100% original Inglorious Blasters are looking for recruits!

    We have two guilds, one in the USA, one in the EU.

    Here is a link to our rosters:

    Can you compete in all aspects of the game?
    We'd love to meet you.

    Click the link... "DO IT."
  • Slasher Slayers recruiting!

    We are a laid back yet active guild looking to fill the last few spots to help fuel our progression. We are currently sitting at 45/50 so 5 spots open. We are chill and laid back, no discord required or anything intense or hardcore, just require activity within a couple days or ya get kicked unless told before hand.

    GP: 97,723,559
    TB: 30ish stars in Hoth and we did 7 in Geo TB last we tried, could probably do more. Currently running Hoth but open to going back to Geo.
    TW: we usually break even, lose some and win some, currently working on some new strategies to see if we can't make sure to win more than lose.
    Raid: Pit is simmed, Haat is done in a few minutes after 24 hour join period. STR we have tier 6 down in less than 48 hours depending who is around the night it gets launched. We are currently looking to start HSTR. That being said we are looking to recruit people who are ready or just about ready for hstr.

    Any questions or interests my discord is MoSkits#8359 or ally code 888 928 474.

    We are a long-established, independent guild focused on working together to maximize our enjoyment of SWGOH. Most of the players have been together for 2+ years, like to joke around and have a good time. We enjoy strategizing on mods, TW/GA and how best to get the upcoming characters with minimal spending.

    -180mm+ GP
    -80-7 in TW (we like to win)
    -21* in Geo TB
    -Every raid on farm with a rotating schedule for each (times CST)
    -Active on discord (but not required)

    We like to maintain a balance of being highly active without being oppressive. We do not require a mandatory 600 tickets but most members achieve that and the guild usually generates 28k+ tickets daily. We expect everyone to participate in the daily events for the benefit of the guild.

    We are looking for players who have at least 2mm GP, are ideally top 50 in arena with a working knowledge of mod usage. F2P, krakens and everyone in between are welcome (we currently have many of each). Feel free to message me with any questions (Bot#5441 on discord)
  • Are you tired of the same ol messy galaxy?

    Then join TheGalacticOrder!

    We are far from the most orderliness guild but we are a fun and friendly group and always willing to give good advice and help each other out.

    We easily defeat all heroic raids and get about 14* on GeoTB which is going up every battle.

    Our guild is sitting at around 165m.

    We don’t have a lot of rules, just want active participation (including farming for GeoTB) and daily 600 tickets. Prefer 3m+ GP.

    If you are interested join our discord server and say hello in our drop zone. Feel free to ask any questions there. The link is:

    Nar Shaddaa Is needing to replace some slackers

    Guild reset 7:30pm EST.
    All Heroic raids have a join period starting at 8pm EST and go FFA at 5pm EST next day.
    LSTB/45 DSTB/47.
    Focusing on Geo TB only and currently at 27/33* with Wat shards.
    ——Will be hitting 28 within the next 2 TBs.

    Guild Requirements
    1. 600 tickets daily
    2. Discord daily
    3. Ability to follow directions
    4. 4m GP or higher with strong Separatists(7 Star G10 or higher or close to it)
    5. TW matter to pull your weight. And let’s get those Zetas.
    6. TB participation is mandatory because it benefits the whole guild.
    7. Have fun and if your going to be away in Real Life post in the away channel.

    If interested talk to me on Discord winnie#8434
  • United Without Limits is recruiting!

    The family who developed and continue to bring you the Planet Coruscant discord server, including the hSTR Project, and are currently involved in running the Guild Recruitment Discord Server (GRDS), we pride ourselves in our commitment to our members and the SWGoH community as a whole.

    We are currently looking for new members across our family of 11 guilds which operate independently of each other, but band together to recruit, commune, and share SWGoH wisdom!

    We are happy to welcome new members on an individual basis but can definitely look to accommodate small to medium groups en masse as well - we would look to work with you to keep groups together as far as possible whilst also finding a guild home within our family which suits each individual's play style.

    What we bring to the table:
    - Guild GP ranging from 100m to 210m+
    - Wide range of playing styles, from casual to ultra hardcore.
    - Many different raid times, suited to people all over the world.
    - International membership.
    - Crucial knowledge and understanding of SWGoH, to help players at all levels of the game grow into BAMFs.
    - Unrivaled camaraderie.

    What we expect from you:
    - Consistent play. All guilds have different ticket quotas, some super lax, some super strict, and everything in between.
    - 1.5m+ GP for our casual guilds, 4m+ for our ultra hardcore guilds. Lots in between.
    - Respectful communication. Relaxed, but fun!
    - Desire to learn and improve.

    Come check out all of our guilds and chat to our team on our Discord recruitment center!
  • DorkJediMaster
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    36th Mercenary Squadron is looking for players!


    We are an active guild of 17/50 looking to expand our player base. Guild GP of 27 mil+ as of now! Our goal is to gain players to take part in Geonosis Event, as well as Territory Wars! If you are interested we require you to-

    - have a GP 1mil+ minimum
    - participate in weekly raids
    - participate in daily accumulation of tickets min 500+
    - just have fun!

    We are an active bunch and try to stay active as much as we can, and we know that there is a life outside of swgoh! We just ask you try and stay active as much as possible!

    -more than 7 days inactive you will be removed, unless you let me or one of my officers know, and for how long you might be off game!

    Other than all that we just like to have fun and help each other where ever needed!

    You can contact me in game:
    Ally Code: 257-511-342
    Game name Sully O'Sullivan
    Mountain Standard Time
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  • Mutiners without fears

    1 space....low turnover of players

    152mil but relaxed


    Raids 7.30pm uk time

    Geo Tb

    No 600 ticket rule but be as active as possible

    Contact me on here or in game if any questions. Obi Dan 949-699-318

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