Active Guilds Looking For Players - September 2019 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Guild: PutItInAlderaanPlaces
    125Mil GP.
    Prefer new players with 2.5Mil GP+.
    International guild with 39/50
    Needing to fill 11 spots but can accommodate about 15 or so.
    Discord required for raid command/chat. account linked
    600 daily tickets preferred.
    Would like people that are building Geo TB teams.
    LS_42/DS_43 on most recent Hoth TBs.
    16*_DS Geo TB(our best). Will increase with full roster.
    Guild reset is 6:30pm EST.
    Hpit Sims at 2pm EST.
    HAAT rotates at 10am, 3pm, and 8pm EST.
    HSith rotates at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm EST.
    24 hour register period for all raids.
    50+ Territory Wars wins.
    Ally Code:
    Come join us and participate in Geo TB while getting your Traya shards.
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    Padawans League
    117 mil GP
    currently looking for daily active players of around 2 mil or more GP to fill 4 open spots due to members leaving the game because of relics.

    We are very active and do Heroic Rancor on sim 3 times per week on a regular schedule times per week. If you need the Rancor title or quest we will happily run it normal for a bit if you needed it. We also do HAAT and HSith rotate times each week 4pm and 7pm EST.

    We are an EST guild.

    1. Currently looking for members at 2 mil or higher GP or close to that with 2 heroic sith rdy teams.
    Seperatist and Geo's a plus for Geo TB

    2. required to contribute a daily average of 500 tickets per week however we do understand that real life takes priority we just ask that you inform us if there is a good reason you can't meet that sometimes.

    3. must sign up on website and have profile setup to sync and public.

    4. must communicate. we don't expect you to be a super chatter box but must keep up with info and follow instructions posted in discord. So discord is a requirement.

    We are pretty laid back in general but we are active and want members who are actively pursuing this game and trying to always improve. We are a teaching guild so we love to help people to learn the ends and outs of this game and strive to make you the best you can be.

    If interested or you have any questions please feel free to join our recruitment discord and ask for Padawans League. One of our officers will be happy to help you or message me directly.

    here is a link to our stats spreadsheets and you can see that we are organized and a history of how we do in events and such:

    Contact Info:
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    25 Stars GEO TB
    We are an active guild that encourages growth...but we don't have a ton of rules and we don't stress about being the best. We welcome anyone that is active. We keep things relaxed and fun, and mostly PG lol.
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    The Rêpublîc Umbara

    We are a 210 mil GP guild.
    25 stars in Geonosian TB.
    Predominantly USA based guild.
    Guild reset is 10:30 pm EST.
    Rotating raid times between 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm EST.

    We are part of The Republic, an amazing family of 16 guilds with players from around the world.
    We are a fun, semi-dedicated guild that is focused on dominating the new TB. We are seeking fun people looking for a team focused on improving and sharing their love for the game.

    * Must be active daily on Discord
    * 3.4mil+ GP - Key squads well geared
    * 600 Daily Raid Tickets Mandatory
    * Full participation in TB

    Make the game fun again. Pop on by and chat with us at
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    Looking for a guild running Geo TB & hSTR? But you still have to life? Join RHAL!! 200 mil GP

    RHAL (Really has a Life) is Territory Battles focused Guild in WWL (We With Lives) alliance. We are only running the New Geonosian TB and are currently getting 25 stars.

    Guild Requirements:
    • Minimum 500 tickets daily with 600 preferred
    • Synced profile
    • Discord chat app and active communication required
    • Roster ready for STR, TB/TW teams, and working on Geonosis TB teams including Seps, Geos, and Brood Alpha.

    Guild Events:
    • 25 :star: in Geonosis DS TB
    • Rancor: Simmed after 24 hr ZDP
    • hAAT: Launch at 1:00pm ET/5:00 pm GMT. 24 hr ZDP. 15 min delay before any damage,
      30 min before posting solos
    • hSTR: 3:00 pm ET/7:00 pm GMT. 24 hr ZDP
    • US based Eastern time guild reset - 6:30 pm ET

    We are a part of the WWL (We With Lives) alliance. A great group and community always willing to help you out even if it isn’t game related. We do understand that people have lives, so you won't be removed for minor issues. If there is a problem, let us know. Leave of absences can be arranged. May of the Alliances members have been playing for multiple years and are all whiling to share knowledge.

    If this looks appealing to you, friend me on Discord eamus_catuli#3545 and we can chat.
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    Universalis is looking for 4 new members. We don’t have a daily ticket minimum, but look for daily activity. See below for our rules and information about our guild.

    1. Have Fun.
    - This guild is built is designed for people to have fun playing SWGOH in an active team. We like helping players learn. Given the events we do being at least 1.5 million GP will make it more enjoyable. We have a very stable core group of members with most being here over 1-2 years. Many of us have real-life friends in the guild. Currently we are at 124mil GP and 46 members.

    2. Be respectful of others. There may be kids within our guild, please keep this in mind when posting to any chat.

    3. Be active. We want everyone to be active and playing.
    - Login in to the game daily.
    - Collect and use energy daily. This creates tickets for Raids
    - Two days with no login to the game without notifying Ace Taco could result in being kicked.

    4. Participate in events.
    - Events (individual or guild) provide rewards which help you and the guild grow.
    As a member of the guild, what you do impacts your teammates.

    5. Follow any posted instructions.
    - Many events have places where guild leaders can post instructions. These are for the benefit of the guild.

    6. Raids. Raids will run when there are enough tickets available. See number 3 above.
    - Rancor Raid - Set to Sim with a 1 day joining period. Runs at 1:00am UTC if there are enough tickets.
    - HAAT Raid - Runs at 12am UTC if there are enough tickets. 1 day joining period.
    - Heroic Sith Raid - Running as often as we generate tickets... usually 1-2 times a week.

    7. Contact on Discord: Ace Taco#0047
    In game: Ace ally code 665-417-424
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    Force United -

    We're looking for around 5-8 players (3 mill+ ideally but rosters will be looked at before joining) to join us and replace a few alts and some others who are moving on from us.

    We're currently around 210 million GP and we're a pretty chilled bunch of players who are striving for better results in Geo TB and those tasty tasty Wat shards!

    Here's a little about us, what we expect and how we operate:
    • 550 tickets min per day (bot reminder 15 mins before reset).
    • Max effort in TB's and follow instructions set by the leadership. Early platoons and battles are encouraged to make life easier for all, Echo bot currently being used for platoons.
    • We do Geo TB exclusively and we're getting between 25-27 stars at this time.
    • TW is an optional join but if you do participate we ask for 3 character teams and 1 fleet placed on defense and for you to achieve at least 2 offensive wins as well. Heavy defense/offence is allowed also.
    • Solid win rate (don't know what it is, lost count by this point)
    • We have 2 squads in the guild which are Red and Blue, one is for US time zones and the other for EU zones, we have raids that launch in the evening for both of these times, around 7-9pm.
    • Always do you best and try as often as possible to get Carth kicked from the guild ;)

    Either message me on here on contact me via Discord at GrandAdmiralSmith#1639 -

    We have recently started a brand new guild for new players or old timers who want to just totally relax, if interested in that guild you can message either myself or DerekS82#4739 on Discord.

    Thanks for reading and MTFBWY!!
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    The Scruffy Nerbherders want you!!!

    Scruffy Nerbherders have been working together and growing for the past few years, and we're looking to fill out the last few spots in our guild! We're a very diverse group spanning across quite a few different countries and we have a lot of fun together.

    Guild GP: 104,974,160
    Members: 47/50
    Raids: Heroic Pit 24 hour join period on Sim, HaaT 24 hour join period, no damage allowed for 7* GK owners for first 24 hours. Tier VI Sith raid but very close to stepping up and getting Traya shards.
    TW: 90% win ratio

    Requirements: Level 85, notification required for inactivity longer than 7 days, discord participation highly encouraged but not required.

    Feel free to join our lobby or send me a message @imsmitty3#2687

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    Join our discord server to apply! Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your profile -

    • ~217m gp when full
    • HSTR at 8:30 pm EST, Pit & Haat at 9 pm EST
    • 28 Geo stars - Territory Battle
    • In the interest of full transparency, here is our roster: Struggle Roster <--- (Click Link)


    Struggle is recruiting active, friendly players and a minimum 4.0M Galactic Power (must have JKR & DR - Strong Seps, or work in progress).

    1. Play daily - 600 raid tickets per day (unless posted AFG).
    2. Syncing your squad with is required.
    3. Joining our discord server is required.
    4. Participate in raids (zero damage counts as participation) & TW/Geo TB.
    5. That's it! It isn't much, but it helps ensure a continued active environment where daily players can enjoy the rewards from being in an active environment.

    How to apply:

    Join our Struggle Recruiting discord server -

    Chat with our officers to see if we have room and see if we are a good fit for you. Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your profile.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about things we may not have covered in this post.


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    Cloud City Insurgency (CCI)
    Fully Heroic 140 M+ GP guild consisting of 39 very active players (formerly 185 M+)

    We have suffered a great loss of several players moving to higher tier guilds. But we have regrouped and achieve to be stronger than before :)

    We have:

    • 39/50 Members
    • 29k+ tickets daily (when full)
    • HPIT on sim, HAAT, HSTR (0 dmg/24 hours)
    • hAAT: 19:00 CEST* (UTC+2), hSTR: 20:00 CEST (UTC+2)
    *CEST: Central European Summer Time
    • Guild Refresh: 18:30 CEST (UTC+2)
    • 22☆ Geonosis TB (when full)
    • A structured TW tactic
    • A very friendly community as part of the 11 guild alliance 'Broken Legion'

    We want/require:

    • 2.0+ million GP (we may take in lower GP players with top arena rank)
    • either top100 in arena OR top20 in fleet
    • daily 600 tickets
    • focus on teams for Geonosis TB
    • discord
    • account
    • full contribution to TB, TW

    You may contact me directly or come and visit the recruit server of the 'Broken Legion' alliance and ask for DarthSolman#0587:
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    Flame Galaxy is Looking for around 20 Active players, Casual but Commited to participate in all aspects of the game.

    In our Guild Flames Galaxy all we ask is you try your best in all aspects of the game, stay active and enjoy!

    We have over 90 million GP which is rising fast!

    We clear HAAT & HPIT and Tier 6 of Sith Raid with ease, and we are now aiming to farm the toons required to conquer Heroic Sith!

    We would like to add a few more members to push us onto the next level and would love to have you in our Guild!

    We are UK based but have quiet a few great American members which truly makes us a 24 hour Guild!

    Raids launch at 2pm UK time which works well with our US Friends as well as our UK members.

    My Ally code is - 761-797-362 if you would like to ask any further questions.

    If you would like to reach us by Discord, you can reach us by searching for the server below,

    Hope to see you soon!
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    Guild Name: Raiderz
    -140M GP
    -All Heroic Raids
    -Geonosis TB

    Looking for someone who:
    -Wants to be in a collaborative and TW/TB competitive guild.
    -Contributes in all guild activities and gets 500+ tickets daily.
    -Ideally has 3M+ GP however we'll definitely make exceptions if you are willing to work hard and keep up with lots of communication - we enjoy helping each other out.
    -Uses Discord <- the in game chat is terrible. All our members are on discord for easy coordination, and we also have channels for fun casual conversations.

    My allycode is 336-257-563 and my discord contact is jeli#8056
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    184M GP guild

    Currently looking for one member to join us after this TW!

    Guild Reset - (5.30pm UK)
    - HRancor - (Auto) 8pm
    - HTank - (7.00pm UK)
    - HSTR - (8.30pm)
    - Discord required
    - Daily contribution of 600 Tickets.
    - LSTB 41 Star (suspended)
    - DSTB 44 Stars (suspended)
    - GEO TB - 21 Stars
    - Need to contribute to TW/TB

    We are a fun, friendly and helpful guild! Join our discord to find out more about us!

    Thanks for reading!
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    The Rêpublîc Umbara

    We are a 210 mil GP guild.
    25 stars in Geonosian TB.
    Predominantly USA based guild.
    Guild reset is 10:30 pm EST.
    Rotating raid times between 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm EST.

    We are part of The Republic, an amazing family of 16 guilds with players from around the world.
    We are a fun, semi-dedicated guild that is focused on dominating the new TB. We are seeking fun people looking for a team focused on improving and sharing their love for the game.

    * Must be active daily on Discord
    * 3.4mil+ GP - Key squads well geared
    * 600 Daily Raid Tickets Mandatory
    * Full participation in TB

    Make the game fun again. Pop on by and chat with us at
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    Why so serious??If you wanted to be nagged everyday, you’d be spending time with your spouse and not playing this game... am I right???

    Are you new(ish) to the game? We ARE the guild you’re looking for! We’re happy to help newer players rise in the ranks :) and we have a lot of laughs!

    GP 105 million and rising
    45 members

    We’re looking for a few new friends to join our ACTIVE and fun guild. No drama.

    All raids are HEROIC. Pit is simmed. Gear donations are generous. We’re doing the GeoTB regularly. Hoth and Empire TB over 30 stars easily.

    Check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

    Message me if you have questions! D1e#8543
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    Randar Strikes Back

    Recruiter: Airborne182226

    Guild SWGoH Page:
    Message me here on Discord (Airborne182226#1193)
    39/50 members
    Guild GP: 75.5 million
    Guild Requirements:
    • Level 55 minimum
    • Be active (5 days inactive without notification is subject to being removed)

    Guild reset time: UTC 23:30/GMT -5
    • Heroic Pit: Currently every 5-6 days (depending on tickets)
    • Heroic AAT: roughly every 8-9 days (depending on tickets)
    • Tier 6 Sith Triumvirate: As soon as we can
    We have a Discord. Not required, but heavily encouraged
    We have a tool that we use for planning territory wars and territory battles (output is in Discord)
    • No minimum tickets per day currently, but we would appreciate at least 400
    • No specific required characters
    • No specific Galactic Power requirement

    Casually-active, or actively-casual?
    • We like to enjoy the game and have fun. We do try to plan for events, but do what you can do.
    • We don’t “go hard or go home”, and we try to help each other.
    • If you want to spend, you can. We do not require that in the least.

    Just trying to enjoy the game, help others succeed, and complete all of the activities and do aaaaaaaall of the things.

    Message me here on Discord for more info or just to chat!
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    Soli2de 115M GP

    Rancor: simmed, All raids are 9pm UTC
    We are fully heoric!

    29 stars in LSTB/ 29 stars in DSTB/ 10 stars in GEO TB

    What we want from you:

    2M GP minimum. JTR, or P3 team, Discord. profile

    Sigma Nation –We are part of an 8 guild community for standalone guilds
    One community, Your guild identity & shared recruitment
    We are accepting individuals, groups, and mergers

    invite link:
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    Die Clashers suchen Zuwachs! Du hast das Gefühl, in deiner Gilde nicht weiterzukommen und möchtest dich schneller weiterentwickeln? Du hast keine Lust mehr auf schlechte Stimmung, knallharten Befehlston und dünne Organisation? Dann sind wir definitiv die richtige Adresse für dich! Unser Gildenprofil auf swgoh:

    Wir bieten:

    Gilden-GM 185 Mio
    26 Sterne im Geo TB
    Arenadurchschnitt <100 in beiden Arenen Startzeiten (CET)
    hAAT 19:30 MEZ
    hSR 21:00 MEZ
    hPit wird simuliert
    Hilfestellung zu allen Aspekten des Spiels

    Was wir erwarten:

    3,5 Mio GM, bei fokusiertem roster weniger
    Account bei
    Aktivität in Discord
    600 Tickets am Tag
    Regelmäßige Teilnahme an Gildenevents
    Gezieltes Farmen von wichtigen Chars

    Falls du interessiert sein solltest, melde dich doch gerne direkt bei uns auf dem Discord Server oder per PN bei mir. Die URL lautet:
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    177Mil / 21* Geo / Wat Shards / Needs 3 before TB

    Are You ready to become Free? To Discard Your Masters? To be a able to do as you wish? Become one of The Rōnin. Our 177 Mil GP HSTR Guild Is Growing Rapidly and We are Seeking New Members to Continue its Growth!

    What We Offer:
    • All Heroic Raids(EST)
    • Very High Win Ratio in TW
    • GEO TB Focused(21 Star Avg -- Always Improving)
    • Wat Tambor Shards
    • Great Discord Community, with Tons of Great Information for Constant Growth
    • Fast Growing Motivated Active Guild, With Good Participation(29k+ Daily)
    • Strong and Experienced Leadership.

    What You Bring To The Table:
    • Preferably 3.5+ Mil GP or Better Account
    • A GEO TB/TW Focused Roster
    • SWGOH.GG and Discord Accounts That Are Used Actively
    • No Issues Getting That Pesky Daily 600 Done
    • A Fun Attitude

    Here Is Where You Can Check Us Out:

    Contact Me On Here or Discord: Vengefulcruelty#9264
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    Looking for 3 players who are Geo TB and TW focused.

    About Us:
    - Imperial Marksmanship Academy
    - 201 Mil GP
    - 3 Potential Open Spots
    - 25 ⭐️ Geo TB
    - 10 Wat Shards (and continuously growing)
    - 52 -17 In TW
    - Independent Guild
    - Guild Reset 6:30 pm EST
    - Fully HEROIC runs @ 9pm EST
    - Run an ALT Guild for extra Raids in between TBs and TWs.
    - Working Towards Geo TB

    What We Are Looking For:

    - 3.8+ Mil GP(can be case by case)
    - Active With 600 Daily(RL happening is understood)
    - Following TB and TW orders
    - Understanding of Importance of not Pre-Loading Turn Meter in TW
    - Developed/Developing TB and TW squads.
    - Developed/Developing Meta squads.
    - Competitive In Arena and Fleet Shards
    - Developed/Developing Geo TB squads

    Feel Free To Chat With Our Officers:

    Line - mjd2192
    Discord mjd#0855
    Ally Code 911-593-924
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    It’s only a Flesh Wound has a couple of open spots to fill. We’re looking for 2M+ GP players.

    We’re a 154M GP guild of FTP and dolphins from different locations around the world.

    We’re farming all heroic raids. Since we have people in different time zones, we alternate start times for both HAAT(8am & 8pm CDT) and HSTR (9am & 9pm CDT).

    We’re competitive in TW (47 wins) and do well when we face other FTP/dolphin guilds. You’re not required to join every TW but if you do join, you must help out on offense and defense.

    We reached 16* in the last Geo TB.

    I know people have lives outside the game & I don’t police raid tickets. Life happens some times and if you just let us know we’re happy to accommodate needs.

    We use discord mainly for TW & TB updates.

    Jonah Starks

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    Hey, I'm an officer in a guild called Friendly Canadians ( If you are interested, we may have a place for you.

    We are a slightly more casual guild in that we don't require minimum daily tickets and we are fine if you are unable to come on for a few days in a row. TW participation is not mandatory but if you join in then you are expected to participate. The core of our group is daily though. We don't force people to farm specific characters or anything. We try to do well in all aspects of the game but we don't force people into it.

    Current stats:
    -141M GP (2 Open Spots)
    -All Heroic Raids Cleared
    -Geo TB 11 Stars (Though we may start to rotate back and forth with Hoth TB in the near future)
    -DS Hoth TB 39 Stars
    -Strong Recent Record in TW (Implemented a new defensive strategy which has led to 9W and 3L)

    We have a discord which is not mandatory. Mostly we help each other out there on how to mod or use a team well and we discuss new events and changes to the game.

    Raid Times:
    -Rancor and HSTR: 12pm (Noon) EST
    -HAAT 6pm EST

    We are looking for players with at least 1M GP; but feel free to message me even if you're at a lower GP. My ally code is: 915-385-967. Message me here or in game if you are interested or want more info.
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    Admirals Snackbar, Home of the Galaxy famous Ackbar Trap Wrap, is recruiting new members!
    We’re a group of active members who love to play and possess a desire to become stronger through teamwork. Join up today if you’re a daily player and want to join a fun but competitive guild!
    Current Guild Stats
    48 Members / 155 Million GP / All Heroic Raids / Geo TB
    Raids have 24 hour join window
    Guild Requirements:
    Daily players Level 85 with 3 Million GP / 600 raid tickets
    Friendly and fair environment. Guild rules require daily activity, communication in game chat and Discord.
    If you are interested contact Mad Man through:
    In game chat: 935-624-493 / Discord:
    May the force be with you.
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    LoesAintHoyal is looking for new members. While we are a new guild we plan to be very active and are seeking members that can help us grow. We have discord although it is not a requirement.
    Ally code is 683-786-416
    Please give us a try
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    Ewoks Fit in Blenders
    Current GP 151 maxing at 170+
    Looking for 8 guild members (min 2.5M GP) to join us. We currently stomp all over hSTR We’re serious about participation but also a fun community and have tons of advice to give for both personal and guild play. For the cherry on top, donations are regularly filled.
    • Pit/Tank: 6:00 PM EST launch
    • STR: 7:00 PM EST launch
    • Wait period for all raids
    • Pit raid is on sim
    Territory stats
    • Hoth LS TB: 43 stars
    • Hoth DS TB: 46 stars
    • Geonosis DS TB: 16 stars
    • At max guild membership these numbers should each go up by 1.
    At a 60/40 TW win record.Joining is optional but participation is mandatory if you do.
    Guild Member expectations
    • Join discord server
    • hSTR ready
    • Regularly contribute 600 raid tickets
    • Participation in all guild activities. We know everyone has their favorites and less than favorites but for the good of the guild please be ready to help out across the board.

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    Knights of Canada is recruiting 136m – HSITH and Geo TB 11*

    Knights of Canada
    136mil GP – 46 members
    Guild reset 7:30pm PST

    HPit - simmed
    HAAT – 24 hour join period
    HSITH – 24 hour join period
    Geonosis TB 11*

    Guild Requirements:
    Minimum level 85
    DAILY participation
    TW is not mandatory, but if you join you are required to play
    Active TB participation
    3 day absence rule (unless you notify the guild)

    We are a friendly and active group that is looking for an active member to round out our ranks. We offer a relaxed and supportive guild that will help you become a stronger/better player while keeping the game fun! Bring your friends if you like. You don’t have to be Canadian.

    Ally Code: 716-446-857
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    We've been around for a very long time, technically a legacy guild of Sarlacc Snacks. I have a simple philosophy as a guild leader. We are here to have fun and I am here to make it easier for you to have fun. I am not the most powerful person in my guild, nor should any guild leader be. My role is to help you get stronger any way I can. I donate all of my gear to whoever needs it, I make sure that people are used to their best ability, and I delegate to the people who are the most knowledgeable about different things. This has worked well for us thus far, but recently circumstances aligned such that we lost roughly half of the guild over the course of four months, so here we are, actively recruiting. Join us, won't you!?

    - I, Space Phantom, am the current active recruiter, though we are currently open to join.

    - Guild reset is 1:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

    - We're currently completing Tier 6 Sith Triumvirate raids. We were gearing up to take on tier 7 when we started
    losing people. We blow through the others without issue.

    - We always won our Territory wars and have never had difficulty with the battles.

    - We have no participation requirements per se, we ask that you contribute, at minimum, to the Territory
    battles/wars since that just makes us all stronger as a group. As for Raids, we ask that you do what you can
    but you should always try to at least get a hit in so you can get some of the reward.
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    SpaceBalls Guild - 67 MM GP

    Looking to fill 19 openings.
    Heroic pit, Heroic Tank, tier 6 Sith Tri (soon to be heroic), 24*TB
    1 am CST reset, 7 pm CST Squad awards, 8 pm CST Fleet awards.

    Members must join raids and territory wars.
    Members inactive more than 30 days (without a note from your jedi master) may be removed.
    We’re really laid back. We actively donate. We’re looking to improve and willing to help those that have similar aspirations.

    Contact me “Luckeedaye” ally code 923-623-483 or our leader “Oge’Xam” ally code 653-112-992 in game.
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    Hallo liebe Mitstreiter,

    die Jedimeister würden sich über interessierte Kollegen freuen, die mit uns durch die weiten der Galaxy kämpfen möchten. Was wir bieten:

    GM ca. 179 mio

    GEO TB derzeit 21 Sterne wobei
    weitere 2 knapp verpasst

    Raids alle heroisch

    TW überwiegend Siegreich

    Mitglieder 49 Leute mit guter
    Kontakt über Discord

    Und Eine lebhafte Cantina

    Was solltest du mitbringen:

    Spaß, Motivation, 600 Tickets pro Tag,

    Möglichst die gängigen Teams für TW und TB und ca. 3.5 mio GM als Richtwert.

    Wir freuen uns darauf unter Discord:

    Gavon Mothma#2240 von euch zu hören.

    Am besten direkt mit einem Link zu eurem

    SWGOH Profil.

    Bis "gleich"

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    We are a long-established, independent guild focused on working together to maximize our enjoyment of SWGOH. Most of the players have been together for 2+ years, like to joke around and have a good time. We enjoy strategizing on mods, TW/GA and how best to get the upcoming characters with minimal spending.

    -180mm+ GP
    -82-7 in TW (we like to win)
    -21* in Geo TB
    -Every raid on farm with a rotating schedule for each (times CST)
    -Active on discord

    We like to maintin a balance of being highly active without being oppressive. We do not require a mandatory 600 tickets but most members achieve that and the guild usually generates 28k+ tickets daily. We expect everyone to participate in the daily events for the benefit of the guild.

    We are looking for players who have at least 2mm GP, are ideally top 50 in arena with a working knowledge of mod usage. F2P, krakens and everyone in between are welcome (we currently have many of each). Feel free to message me with any questions (Bot#5441 on discord)
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