Players Looking For Guilds - September 2019 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • ChunBurap
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    **All set, thank you for all the invites**

    Ally code: 184-947-975
    GP: 4.2m
    SWgg account:

    F2P, have Discord, want Geo TB as I’m 30-35 shards from Negotiator.
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  • 4.6m GP. Have most of the characters necessary to be a heavy geo TB contributor.

    Looking for a guild that is between 225-240m GP and doing 28-30 stars in geo TB. Please do not message me if you're guild doesnt meet that requirement.

    ally code: 584-642-314
  • DarthRey2
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    Guild Found :)
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  • mrphen
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    Ally-Code: 587-156-771
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1,001,623
    Character/Ship GP: 563,528/438,095
    Player Level:85
    Number of 7*: 25
    Average Arena Rank:870
    Type of Play: F2P, sometimes uses money
    Time-zone: West coast
    Just got back into the game a few months ago, on daily, and trying to farm up all the important people. Will be on daily still, and looking for a guild to assist me on getting some gear and characters!
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  • Gib
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    Thanks for all the invites

    Ally code - 589-111-794
    Link to
    GP: 2+ million
    Player Level: 85
    # 7*: 73
    Gear 12: 23

    Looking for a HSR Guild.
    Active player.
    Grinding for Darth Revan.
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  • Ally 519-938-497
    GP 1.8m
    looking for a full heroic, Geo TB focused guild.
    i dont use chat apps
    always get 600 tickets.
    always participate in all events to the fullest.

    PM me here or in game.
  • Looking for a guild that can complete an heroic sith raid.
    GP: 3.8 Mil
    Ally code: 239-168-551
  • TheDamin
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  • Aluë
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    Edit: Thanks for your messages, we found a guild :)

    Heyo, myself and a friend with a very similar roster are looking for a guild where we can grow our roster and progress in the game. Looking for something where we can do hpit and hopefully haat as well. We are both hitting 600tickets each day

    Ally-Code: 175-435-259
    Link to

    Galactic Power: just under 400k, but steasily growing
    Player Level:80
    Number of 7*: 10
    Average Arena Rank: top 50 squad, top 10 fleet
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: CET
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  • Stayontarget2016
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  • HTWarrior
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    Edit: Found a guild. Thank you all for the replies.

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  • Darth_Ouchilus
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    Found a guild thanks for all the messages!
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  • greggerz
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  • Searching about for a fun but competitive guild.... current GP as of this post is 5.319m

    Looking for a good Geo TB home

  • JanaSaberael
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    I have found a guild for now, thank you very much to any who responded if you see this.

    Hihi! I used to be super active two years ago, but the game became kinda dull and I wanted to switch focus to some irl pursuits, so I made my peace with dropping the (at the time) cutting edge I strived for. Used to be consistent top20 in both arenas before leaving when CLS dropped. Now I mostly want to play to build characters for the fun of it, so looking for a casual guild not strict on daily tickets willing to accept me ^-^ hopefully

    Link to
    Galactic Power: 881,291
    Character/Ship GP:475,779/405,512
    Player Level: 85
    Average Arena Rank: 500ish
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Central Daylight, GMT-5
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  • Stonecoldskywalker
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    thank you all. I have found a new home

    Ok player since 2017 i left the game in January been back a month looking for a guild. Missed out on the whole darth revan meta. Came back they brought malick back before revan so no malick lol. But got dr. Working on my sepertist and my galactic republic i get my 600. Active in all events. 60 mill in hstr. Currently undefeated in ga.

    Gp 4,317,264
    Ally code 745988953
    Line app stonecold skywalker
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  • Hello,

    I'm a new-ish (lvl 66, been playing a little more than a month) player looking to get out of the starter guilds and into one that'll help me keep progressing into the late game. Current squad is a g7-8 phoenix, planning to transition to jedi/old republic after the Palpatine event ends (currently have him at 6*, pushing to get to 7* but not sure I'll have time to upgrade everyone) to start prepping to unlock GMY and JKR.

    I play pretty heavily, generally use all my energy plus a few refreshes. Willing to use whatever chat app you prefer.

    Ally-Code: 647-855-387
    Galactic Power: 142,582
    Number of 7*: 1, will have 1 more tomorrow
    Number of 6*: 5
    Number of 5*: 1
    Average Arena Rank: ~150
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Pacific
  • Fergs
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    Active player looking for a guild.
    Player Name: Fergs
    Ally-Code: 987-698-527
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2.09 Million

    Looking for a active, friendly and chatty guild which is currently working on geo tb with 20+ stars and frequently donates. I am able to get 600 tickets every day. I currently have both Revans, malak and currently working on GG and clones. Used to be in a 188mil GP guild and have experience working in an elite guild and can contribute to tb and tw. I am looking forward to with all of you! :D

    ps. Please send me a link of your guild!
  • Hanson85
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    In game name: Hanson85

    Ally Code: 137-686-952

    Total GP: 4.379M

    Arena Rank: 17 Fleet: 20-30

    Mostly P2P

    Looking for guild with 200M+ US based, 25+ Geo stars, Active guild with discord.

    Discord: hanson85#7191
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  • Hi,
    Coming back to the game after about a year away and can see alots changed.
    7* i have 35 characters
    Would prefer a UK timezone and a guild doing lower tier challenges while i relearn the game.
    Thanks in advance.
  • CrimsonRoyalBlue
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    Guild found. Thanks for the invites!
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  • Speejasl
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    Found a guild! Thanks for all the information!
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  • Konuvis
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    THANK YOU. I'm going to go through them later today.

    Ally-Code: 139-298-454
    Link to

    Galactic Power: 4M

    Average Arena Rank: ~50 and ~70 for ships
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: CST
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  • Vet looking for more relaxed guild doing Sith Heroic Raids and Geonosian TB. F2p now after all the changes Im not spending another Dime on this game. Looking for relaxed guild doing or ready to start hitting Sith Heroic. Just want to start having fun again. With all the changes Im not having much fun lol......

    Ally-Code: 241-555-491

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 4,993,899

    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 168

    Average Arena Rank: 150 Ships-40
  • xPat3678x
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    EDIT! Found a guild! Thanks everyone for the offers! :)

    Ally-Code: 822-585-681
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1 mil
    Player Level: 85
    Average Arena Rank: 150
    Type of Play: F2P, I spend money here and there.
    Time-zone: Mountain

    I have a great guild but we're not running HSITH yet, I'm looking to get Traya shards and unlock her. I don't have any squad to help with HSITH tho.. If you don't mind helping me unlock Traya, the things I do have tho is communication, I play literally every day, and a couple times a day at that, will participate in every event and will get my 600 tickets each day. I have discord also. I hope to hear from someone! PM me here in the forums or whatever and let me know if I'm welcome!

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  • 123
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    Looking for uk guild doing Geotb, and heroic sith

    GP 3.1 mill

    Guild FOUND - thanks for the replies guys, awesome community on here
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  • Sixith
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    All good
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