I'm looking to activate C3PO, don't see me getting much further in the next time this roles around.
My squad will be Teebo leads paploo, scout, elder, and logray. Elder and logray likely to still be 6*.
Hoping to get all to gear 9, but should I look to apply any zetas? Maybe have 1 or 2?
(Not raised all to lvl 85 yet so can't see higher ability description or resources to see if omega or zeta)


  • It will be really hard to win tier 5 with your current team composition, gear and level. Prey to a perfect RNG.
    As you may know, the ideal team include Chirpa(L), Wicket, Logray, Paploo and Elder.
    It is very recomended to raise them all to g10+ (likely g11+), lv85 on all, with all the omegas.
    The best zetas for this event are Chirpa's and Wicket's, although Paploo's & Logray's also good.
    Speed is EXTREAMLY important in this event.

    The thing is the more the distance between what you have and what is recommended - The more you'll relay on RNG.

    As far as I remmember this is my experience:
    On my first try I had zChirpa(L) g9, Elder g11, Paploo g10, Teebo g9, and Scout g9 - I've failed.in tier 5.
    On my second I had zChirpa(L) g11, Elder g11, Paploo g11, Teebo g9 and zWicket g10- got t6, but failed t7.

    Now I hope to get the 7* with:
    zChirpa(L) g11, Elder g12, Paploo g11, Logray g11 and zWicket g11.

    I don't say what you got is impossible but it is not likely and very RNG depended.
    And again I want to remind the importance of the speed

    Good luck
  • Cheers. Sounds like I'd best hold on to zeta mats for now. If tier 5 comes close I could use 'em or save 'em for mission or JKR or Chewie if I get that 7th *.
    My good speed mods are now mostly 6dot ones so can't swap them about
  • Chewie is fully viable less than 7*, don't hesitate to Zeta a sub-7* toon.
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