GAC points and banners issue / possible cheating?

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Hey guys,

I wanna know more about the points and banners from GA/GAC.

So I have about 4.632 banners from battles etc and total points of 8.467 with every possible feat so far. (Only missing the separatist battles, part 1/2 with full clear and 3/3 with undersized squad)

Can someone please tell me how a person with only 4.117 banners can get points of 8.612?
The person is missing over 500 banners from matches but got more points than me.

How is this possible? Will free rounds don't count into banners or is it cheating?
Could it be a issue within the stats?

Would be great for some feedback! :)

And please consider matchmaking with same points. (Maybe in return more diverse divisions instead of the 500k gap)
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