Answers To Popular Arena Comps

I'm researching out squad synergies to counter some of the more common teams that I encounter. This is coming from a mid 40s and top 100 perspective.
So far I see these teams as the hardest to beat:
1. Sid, Kylo, DM - AoE combo is deadly
2. Dual taunt tanks - Hard to stay ahead of the heals, resulting in a draw. This is compounded with old Ben on the team.

I know that the easy answer is to simply emulate the top teams, but it's more fun to figure out ways to beat them instead.

Which comps give you the most challenge?


  • Well Boba is pretty decent answer as is Old Daka imo. I run Sid/Chewy as leader, Lumi, Dm, Ima Gun-Di, and situational JC and Talia. I have problems only with Vader squads and Kylo. Currently rank 26. IMO Kenobi is still viable. Perhaps you can get better tount than chewy or you can bring Phasma + 3 High dps toons and try to outdamage your opponent. As for the taunts - Plo Koon, Mace, Asajj and many many others can do good job. Perhaps you can try to set Lumi as leader and get your team evasion up. I can see many options, but RNG always gonna be HUGE factor. Don't be upset, that kind of aoe teams that you mentioned above are pretty rare these days.
  • Yeah I'm not stressing it. That's part of the fun. I don't have a boba yet and haven't really been farming him. I'd prefer be an old Ben but haven't seen him come up yet for me. I spent a bit but not enough yet apparently lol.

    Overall, I think the balance is there when strategy enters in. Also having some gear and abilities leveled up helps a ton.

    For the most part I am ignoring the AoE squads as I don't care about being in the top 10. I'm going to work with a team like this for a while and see how it goes:

    1. Ahsoka 4*- a slow but doable farm. And she's hitting harder and staying alive better at gear 5 (almost 6) and level 45. The small trickle of heals helps a bit also.
    2. Jedi Consular 4* - heals are ok and he has been fairly easy to farm (almost at 5*) working on his gear 6 and the mats are a bit longer. His special hits decently hard.
    3. Dooku 3* - (2 shards until 4*) gear level 6. He's been doing better with his skills leveled up and is a huge help against Jedi teams.
    4. Mace Windu 4* - slow to farm but he's at gear 6 while I work on his replacement. I find his buff removal to be his best asset.
    5. Jedi Anakin 4* - can't farm him yet so he will be replaced soon also. He hits decently hard and his offense up buff is pretty easy to trigger.

    I'll have Sid and Lumi unlocked tomorrow. Which will put me using Sid, Lumi, Dooku, Ahsoka, and Windu/Anakin until I can find a better option than Anakin/Windu. My DM is leveled and at gear 5 but still does too fast for a main spot.

    I have a few other heroes I could swap in but they aren't geared yet. Once Lumi and Sid are at 6/7* I'll work on maybe adding a Rylo or Boba.
  • Luminara and Sidious should be the only one you buy in their respective section.
    She has great heal capabilities plus a very good damage output , Sidious aoe is good now that they boost him 40% damage and his heal immunity is very useful (those two are my main)
  • I wanted Ahsoka so i almost stared her up to 4 and then the new patch have came. After that i find Ahsoka pretty useless - First she has pretty low HP and her heal is not reliable, Second - her crit chance with here second spell is very low so the heal wont come very often and the third - Sid and DM destroy her. Don't get me wrong - i love here, but after the changes i've decided to bench her and put chewy on the line. I like Mace so much but haven't got him yet and as the matter of fact i haven't farmed for him either. But he and Plo Koon are pretty dem good to be left outside and i can imagine that buffs are comming. I would stick with Mace, if i had him i would replace Ima Gun-Di in a second. I've got Anakin and the thing i like about him is his heal immune - pretty much like Sid's. He has decent amount of HP and the only problem is that he isn't that easy to farm, good toon imo. Dooku is strong but i would go with Talia any day now. I think she is far more viable in the later stages of the game unless you can star up the old count. His counter attack and double attack is awesom the stun as well but at the latter stages of the game and only 3 star he doesn't do that much damage and he is squishy. JK + Lumi would be pretty awesome but my JC stays at 2 star.
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