GAC Matchmaking - Zetas, G13, and 6 dot Mods



  • Also, the amount of poorly modded rosters and just mis-modded squads is overwhelming. That counts for a ton.
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    The problem, as the op is alluding to I think, is that matchmaking is based on GP, and GP tells us basically nothing about roster strength in practice. If g13, zeta'd Pao is equal to say g13 zeta'd b2, matchmaking is equal, yet very lopsided. There isn't really a better way to do it in this system. They refuse to have a traditional tournament event, and so it's always gonna be lopsided... by design. Don't like it? Spend money. That's the goal here. Your complaints are a waste of time.

    I agree it would be difficult to address the power imbalance between different character that have been similarly geared ect... I.E. yes a G13 pao has less utility then a g13 B2, and it would be hard to address it without a power rating specific to each character (huge time investment for CG, and players would still argue about the result).

    However I think you misunderstood the OP, the point of the thread it is wrong that G11 zetaed fallen bastilla with just 5dot mods, would have more GP then her G13 fallen bastilla counterpart with a full set of 6E mods. This discrepancy is caused by zetas giving to much GP (at least compared to G13/6dot mods). And can actually be easily fixed...

    IF the goal of GAC matchmaking is to have to face opponents with similar rosters it is failing miserably. IT does not even do full two vector matchmaking to include GP and Banners... it just matchs those with similar GP within the same division and league. I.e. if your in DIV2 chrominum your matched with others in DIV2 Chrominum. FYI if you make any real effort in GAC your going to be in the same league as someone obtaining max Banners until the 4th GAC Match. If you want to make your life easier don't do any offense the first GAC match of the season so that in future matches your not in the same league as the whales.
  • Game is in shambles, it’s sad.

    This game has such potential and all CG can see is $$$$
  • Well, unless CG changes their matchmaking criteria numbers.... it’s only going to get worse.

    Upgrading 6• coming soon!! Smh
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