GAC Power-Pool needs more precise filtering, matchups feel unfair.

This is more of a personal complaint and I will admit to such, but I do believe I am not the only one who has this problem.

I am currently at 2.2 mio GP total and my Roster of enemies in terms of GP is fine, but the distribution in power and GP inflation is way too horrible.

This is my 4th GAC in a row where I basically sack in a free 1st place because my enemies have at best half my amount of Zetas and G12 characters and it feels really **** for me because the wins I get because of it are way too easy to be enjoyed.

GAC was meant to be THE Rivalry for pvp, instead I get boring fights where I curbstomp the enemy with no chances at all for them to even remotely catchup. The Pool-distribution that forms an 8 man group for GAC should have some further detailing so it gives fairer matchups, something like count the total number of Zetas or something.

I don't want someone else being depressed because their 16 zeta roster (Keep in mind that almost half of all zeta-characters have space for 2 or 3 so number of characters with zetas is deflated to zeta count itself) has to take it up against my roster with 14 fully functional teams ALL having the essential zetas, being more than twice of my opponent's count. So what if we are both 2.2 mio GP, I am unfairly stronger than him in all aspects and Quite frankly I hate that I am.

GP inflation should be removed from the equation or given one of it's own so GP inflated players fight other GP inflated players for fairer odds. Again, adding zeta count as a factor would help with that, match 8 players with a max. difference of 4-6 zetas between weakest and strongest meaning you match opponents from the same GP area AND from the same Roster-Powerdistribution, creating much fairer matchups with more even chances for all involved.

But that's just my thoughts because I am salty over free GAC wins without any challenges.


  • 1. There is no such thing as a fair matchup, there will always be someone with an advantage. It can be zetas, g13, better mods or higher speed. Only way to make it fair is to give everyone same rosters and duke it out.
    2. Machmaking algorithm should stay true through all divisions. Your point of view only applies to lower GP players. Once you go up in gp you will see much more diversity and g13 becoming a much bigger problem than zetas.
    3. In highest divisions there is a cap on GP for each character which in the end will result in many mirror matches. Do you think having to fight all the same teams each GAC is fun ? I think not and the more "precise" pairing will be, the more monotone and boring it will become and only rng + mods will be a differenciator.
    3. What you described as a problem is actually what ppl strive to achieve - competitive advantage over opponent by smarly investing and allocating resources. Ppl should get rewarded for that, not punished as you suggest.

    What you described and aim for is a completely different game mode than this one. It should be more of an ELO type event that translates into a tournament ladder in later stages. But it can't be implemented into current iteration of GAC.
  • I agree with Warzon.
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