Whoa! This is some fun GA stuff!

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So, I messed up last night on a phoenix squad. I knew I'd have to make up points for that debacle. I full cleared with an exact score of 1900. Respectable. Not great. But the fact I was able to get that score while still having suffered a defeat made me happy.

So there I was.... I full cleared. 1900 - He had 1 zone left. His score 1610.

My last 2 teams, Clones with Shaak Ti lead and a scoundrel team. The suspense was too much! Why won't he attack that last zone?!?!

I waited. And waited. And then I went to sleep. I woke up, checked the score. No change!
Had he given up? Was he waiting to beat me at the last second to stick the dagger in my heart? Was he plotting? Doing the math as I did?

I figured, 1610 + 180 for the zone, + 2 battles at 64 (perfect scores) would beat me by 18 points.
Full health + full protection = 60 points. 2 full health teams with no 100% protection 55 points each.

I was a nervous wreck! Then i realized... to get a 64, it can only be 1 player. And they'd have to win perfect. I lowered the outcome to 60 points. That still left him at 120 and I needed to bring him down... I needed 1 slip up.

Well, I just checked and he went at my clones. My Shaak Ti is only 6 star. X 2 Zet though. All my clones are G12. The team he went up against was 91k+ .Not a push over squad. Not one I'd take lightly.

He slipped up.

I haven't done the math yet, but there is no way to solo my Scoundrel team. Not gonna happen.

But I think just from eyeball math, I have this in the bag.

And you know what? If he makes a miraculous win, he'll have earned it!

This is some fun GA stuff!!!

How is everyone else's GA going?! Any fun ones?

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