Developer Q&A - 9/5



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    "Q: When are TW bonuses coming back!?!
    A: Tophat - Not any time soon. They were expensive to make and balance, divided the community, and had no impact on how much engaged with TW. If we saw in the data that people went crazy for them, then we would do more - but that doesn't seem to be the case."

    Aw, man. Those bonuses were fun as heck.
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    so.... i will forever be stuck with 200 GW tokens i cant spend do to the 2 weeks you had shards in the weekly shipments for 100 GW tokens or i have to not finish a war and lose out?
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    Can we have a 3 player vs 3 player grand arena championship? Or a 2v2? It gets lonely sometimes and it’s be cool fighting alongside others. Maybe even include a chat window so the two can talk to each other and plan accordingly
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    Boomer8800 wrote: »
    When are we going to be able to change placed teams in GAC and TW during the setup phase to fix errors or change toons after they are placed?

    as far as GAC i disagree, but with TW the option to be able to remove a team before setup would be good, but that also leads to the fact that as officers you really dont have enough tools in game.
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    When will we finally see the end of raid only gear? There are still 3 or 4 raid only (and guild token) items. This flies in the face of CG's claims to make reaching g12 easier. Just make them farmable. Please!!!!!
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    Can you use the LEGO Yoda death sound for both Yodas in the game?
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    Going to close this thread for now. We will still work through as many of the questions as we can and I will get them posted in here as soon as I can
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