Fully Heroic Guild looking for members 101mil GP

TriForce Hero’s !
Currently looking for Dedicated, Active players, with teams who are working towards Heroic Sith or already established HSTR teams.

We are fully clearing Heroic sith
Join us in stacking up Traya shards!

We’re a guild of extremely active players looking for the same in return.

We merged together with a smaller guild over a year ago many of which are now officers —yours truely included.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we.

TriForce Heroes
GP- 101mil
I am the recruiter message me on this form Or my discord is - thechosenone2k18#4950
Guild Reset time 12am EST
Heroic rancor finishes less than 5 mins. We are off and on able to sim rancor due to in-actives being removed and loosing members with 7*han
HAAT finishes within 2hrs
Both launch at 7am EST 12hr join period to allow rewards for all members of the guild. We do a 24 hr join period for Rancor. Attack starts at 7pm EST
We do Heroic sith raid !

A TW heavy guild. Total wins well over 60 and only a hand full of losses
just within the last year or so.
We currently are doing Geonosian TB every other go around and have gotten up to 7-8 Stars ⭐️ And with active participation could do more!
We do Hoth every other TB at this time while more people continue working on teams for GEO.


Active participation anyone inactive for more than 5 days without notice (because there is real life) automatically are removed from the guild.

Level - 85
Will consider lower within reason, this is based off growth, dedication and team focus.

Must deploy in TB and participate in TW if you join!
This is a necessity and is strictly enforced with the new Geo TB

Raid participation is necessary for Sith.
The more we raid the faster we grow.

We started when we merged at 30mil and have been growing ever since.
Multiple JKR in the guild. Members with DR and padme as well as Malak etc etc so on and so forth.

If your interested please reach out, we welcome new members to help us grow !


  • 4 spots open! Get in while you can!
  • I’m level 81 but not my first account. On strict power farm schedule. Guaranteed raid tix daily. Ally code: 475-474-669 @Wintahs_Comin
  • Still have room, and can make room if you have a small group that would like to join!
  • Looking to join a better guild to help me progress. Daily player, extremely active and looking for a long term guild. Please see my ally code if I am a suitable holotable hero. Started this game in May. My Alley Code 116-545-424. Discord and Fun ready

    Level 85 with gear 12’s + zetas
  • Hello Turnt,
    Just looked through your profile. I lead a guild of 47. We are looking for a few more to join us and round out our 50. How long have you been playing? What has been your build philosophy so far? Any experience with raids yet? How has that gone for you?
  • Turnt has joined our guild already respectfully please do not poach players on this post. TY
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