Future Squad direction

Hey guys, I am kinda stuck on who to farm next in arena and GW shipments.
My current squad is Phasma (L), Dooku, Luminara, Sid and Poggle. All 7 stars.

I also have a 7-stars Akbar and IG86, 6-stars Eeth, Luke, JC and Windu, 5-stars Daka, Anakin, Ashoka, QGJ and Yoda.

Don't really know who I should go after. I was thinking QGJ and Geonosian Soldiers (3-stars) were a given, but I don't know what kind of team to build.

Droids are nice but both 88 and 47 are from Arena and will take a while, should I go all in on them or focus on getting Eeth to 7 stars and focus on Jedi team?

I was also thinking a rebel team with AA, Luke, Han and Biggs, which would be the easiest to farm, but I don't know how effective it can be.

Any suggestions? Thank you for your help
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