Even the Bug Report has a bug...

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Just spent some time describing a problem with the IG-88 portion of the bounty hunter prestigious quest line not accruing territory battle victories and I get to the bottom and it says “please add more to the “compose” section to submit your report. Meanwhile there is no compose section to be found, I filled out everything and basically wasted my time because I wasn’t able to submit it. Fix that. Fix the IG-88 quest. Fix that other thing I was gonna do a separate report for but can’t even remember now because you wasted so much of my time. Oh yeah.. I was chromium in Grand arena and achieved more of these feats already, now I’m bronzium and some feats I’ve already done have reappeared because you know damon well your Grand Arena team rushed the process and is now paying the price for it as it keeps failing us all over and over.


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    Please report all bugs and issues to Answers HQ.

    If you need help with a bug report message me and I can walk you through it.
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