Grand Arena Hitting Last an Advantage?



  • TVF wrote: »
    If you'd rather rotate start times, that's fine too. I would follow @Indominable_J 's advice and push each GA back six hours, providing for a 30 hour join period and adding 18 hours onto the total event timeline. Easy peasy, no stress.

    I'm sure no one will complain about that.

    If only. Love the new-ish avatar.
  • FolsomTony wrote: »
    Just don't show the number of banners the other player has until the offense period has closed. Nobody has an advantage or disadvantage. Problem solved.

    And if CG applied the same mechanic of hiding scores until attack period ended on Territory Wars?

    Would that make people content, or would there be a problem with that?

    @FolsomTony Personally I wouldn't care either way. You've somehow managed to conjoin a false equivalency with classic what-about-ism in just two quick sentences!

    No, just trying to be fair in an assessment of what players would deem acceptable in an event, which a banner count over a 24 hour period determines the winner.

    I don't see it as a what-about-ism question. It's really more that a precedent set in TW, that some players may use to calculate strategy in GAC. This is applying a currently used mechanic in the game, to another game mode.

    A what-about-ism would be: All names/rosters should be hidden during the defense setting stage, so a defense based on knowledge of opponents squads doesn't give anyone an advantage. If you have an "unbeatable" squad, knowing the opponents roster is an unfair advantage. Therefore, it should be hidden. I can see the difference between the two. One is a mechanic in the game currently, the other is asking for a change, based on perceived advantages.

    If you think the false equivalency is because the order of magnitude of the event, I would suggest since the event rewards are very similar, then it could a fair comparison, Though the number of players zones/squads involved, perhaps that's a fair assessment. Not for me to decide.

    And, personally, I also would not care if they chose to hide progress of battles in GAC.
  • Going second is absolutely an advantage.

    However I would absolutely vote against hiding banners. I think showing the score adds so much more fun to the game. Hiding them removes the competitive aspect. It would reduce the decision making, make it just a boring banner hunt where you finish the board in the first thirty minutes, then forget about it for 23.5 hours until you check back to see what actually happened.
  • Mt last GA was dope. Both of us waited till there where 20 mins left and he attacked and I did right after. I had to count banners as I fight very very fast cuz time was running away.

    I admit I felt little pressure but it got him cuz he did 3 mistakes and he was leading at one moment.
    He had better toons for attack and I had weaker def. He died 😁
  • If the points and attacks were revealed after the 24 hours had passed it would no longer be an issue
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