Any idea when Legendary Chewie event will return?

BH's are ready (I hope lol). Any ideas?


  • Event bot says last happened on 2019/07/04, last ran 65 days ago. Coming soon(tm). Based on avg of 93 days.
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  • TY!

  • It's not on September's schedule so expect either the first or second week of October, did you get your ships up too? I'm sadly gonna have to settle for 6 star Millennium Falcon this time around as IG-88's ship has been a nuissance to farm, but my other BH ships are only partway to 7 star as well. Next time I guess.
  • Working on my ships to get Thrawns, and my Arena team needs levelling. Taking a break from zetas and using tokens for ships now.

  • In case you didn't see the calendar. 1 week from today. 10/3
  • DuneSeaFarmer
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    Yup, should be ready..
    7* here we go!

  • Coincidentally, there's no subsection for the HMF event which runs at the same time. How much gear etc do you need to invest in the BH ships to clear 7*?

    I'll have all the ships there. HT maxed w zBossk all G12. Slave I maxed w Boba G12, Xanadu maxed w Cad G11+2. The only issue is IG2000 which will be 7* along with IG88 but I haven't invested in them at all. Literally. G1 Level 1.
  • I've "heard" that as long as you have the ships open at typical levels then the event is easy. IE. G12 Not needed on the pilots.

    I'm hoping that is true since 3 of my ships are barely at 5* for this upcoming event.
  • And by Heard, I mean, read in random forums/reddit posts.
  • I bit the bullet and leveled ig88 to G8 so far, and his ship is about 50-ish. Need to set 3m aside to upgraded them all to 7* when the shard-Gods smile on me. After that any extra will try to get his ship as close to 85 as possible.
  • Sounds like your on the way to a 7* Falcon.

    I'm only going for 5* this time as Slave-1 is the only BH ship I have 7*.

    All 4 are either L84/85.

    Pilots are 7* except Bossk at 5 & gear is 8, except IG88 at 9.

    I'm really hoping this will be good enough based on what I've read.

    Maybe by next time (January) I'll have the other ships up at 7*.

  • Check the event schedule that is posted monthly?
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