The top eighty and matchup balance, meta vs non-meta.

I am a long time player. Unfortunately, I missed the meta and am F2P. I don't mind this except when it comes to balance in matchmaking. I do not have any teams that will beat JKR. In GAC, Squad arena, TW, it does not matter. If it is present, I am going to lose. That doesn't mean I don't try. If my opponent places on front, I can not get past it. How is it balanced if I can throw my entire roster at one team and not even make a dent? My opponent responded to chat and was nice. They just played the match they were given. Overall, the matchmaking has been very close and competitive, but this lineup seems really unfair. (In my head I sound like I am whining) I am a good loser. It teaches me how to be a better player. The only reason I am saying anything about it here is that the devs said matchmaking was meant to be balanced in a way that people can win or lose 50% of the time. That is wonderful. In this case, I had a 50% chance of my opponent placing on defense or using on offense. This has nothing to do with strategy on my part, rng, etc. My roster is unable to compete. So why was I matched with this person. Gp makes no difference. My Ugnaught, Cup, tuskens, mods, etc will not make me able to beat JKR period. Saving my best teams for offense, makes no difference, I cannot and have not been able to defeat a JKR team ever. I can not be the only player in all of SWGOH that is having this issue. Thanks for your time and making it this far in my rant. Please fix this minor hiccup in matchmaking.


  • I'll be damned if they didn't put me up against another opponent that not only has fully developed JKR, but a full DR team with g11 zeta Malak. I do not have DR or Malak, not even close due to the abysmal drop rates on the OR team. ****? Tell me how I have even a small chance of beating these teams without the metas. My Padme and JKR are g8...This is not F'ing balanced.
  • lol, hooray. I am pleased to say I beat my first JKR in GAC. (6 tries, but still)
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