Is Fives ally able?

I asked an ally of mine if they could place Fives as their ally character, they did. Now they won’t show up as an ally for anything. Is fives an ally able character? If so why won’t they show up as an ally?


  • Isnt an ally character just their arena Leader?
  • As long as they put them in the leader slot on a certain table they'll be available to borrow.

    However; you have to be in the same table (i.e Cantina, LS, DS, etc). They don't just universally show up.

    Also, if you have used that Ally to borrow a character in the last few hours you are unable to borrow from them for a fixed amount of time. I don't recall the exact amount but I think it's a couple of hours at least. Just keep re-entering the node to choose an ally and it's like refreshing the Arena screen.
  • I haven’t used them as an ally recently, they said they set it on LS battles(using fives as the leader), and he won’t show up. They’ll show up in mod battles with echo as the ally, but fives **just won’t show up**.
  • Every other clone will show up but Fives... even shaak-ti. why?!? Now that they have set Fives as the Mod battle ally, the guy won’t show up?!?
  • crzydroid
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    Also, if you have your own Fives in a character slot they won't show up. Try selecting a battle with a different ally and make sure you clear your own Fives out. Then you should be able to select them.
  • Seriously, I don't know how many years of play but there is not a single good tutorial for new players. I do it as soon as I wake up, but it will take a long time to do it in English.
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