Fleet battles

I'm having a hard time winning fleet PVP battles since the last update. My ships get easily killed and my tank has gone way down. I've tried switching the line up but it stays pretty awful.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • It is God **** ridiculous how many stupid fleet feats they put in grand arena and ever since this **** began the difficulty has risen to an all time high! I never had problems winning any battle I chose b4this crap
  • Do your opponents have relics on their pilots? It's not always obvious from their inventory. E.g., Phantom shows Sabine as pilot, but it's likely Ezra who is g13 and relic-enhanced. This changes the ship stats quite a bit. Faster, tankier, more damage. If any of your pilots happen to be g13, I'd slap at least a level 1 relic on them.
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