210m GP guild, looking for a new friend.

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The Rêpublîc Umbara

We are a 210 mil GP guild.
25 stars in Geonosian TB.
Predominantly USA based guild.
Guild reset is 10:30 pm EST.
Rotating raid times between 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm EST.

We are part of The Republic, an amazing family of 16 guilds with players from around the world.
We are a fun, semi-dedicated guild that is focused on dominating the new TB. We are seeking fun people looking for a team focused on improving and sharing their love for the game.

* Must be active daily on Discord
* 3.4mil+ GP - Key squads well geared
* 600 Daily Raid Tickets Mandatory
* Full participation in TB

Make the game fun again. Pop on by and chat with us at

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